Dog Control

If you wish to make a complaint regarding a neighbour's dog, there are a number of things you can do. First of all, try to solve the problem by talking it over with your neighbours. They may not have realised that their dog is causing a problem and in many cases they will be happy to do what they can to help.

If this approach is unsuccessful you could contact a Community Justice Centre, a government-funded, independent centre that specialises in settling disputes between neighbours in a way that avoids lengthy and costly legal processes, phone Community Justice Centre: 1800 990 777.



When reporting a dog attack - please call straightaway for our immediate response, phone: 9936 8100.



If you are reporting strays wandering then please call by phone straightaway for our immediate response, phone: 9936 8100.



North Sydney Council's involvement in a barking complaint begins within these procedural limits:

  • Council must receive two independent complaints within a continuous 14 day period before Rangers commence an investigation.
  • Four single, independent complaints received within a continuous 90 day period will lead to an investigation by Rangers.
  • Single, unsupported complaints are dealt with by mail and only when the complainant provides the address of the offending animal.

Dog Control

When Council receives a complaint about a dog we:

  • suggest that the complainant speaks to the owner of the dog and alerts them to the problem.
  • write to the owner of the dog informing them that a complaint has been lodged and suggesting that they take whatever steps are necessary to solve the problem.

Residents are asked to:

  • identify the offending dog
  • identify the offence
  • suggest reasons why the dog becomes disturbed and inform Council whether or not they are prepared to testify in a court of law.

Complainants may also pursue the matter privately by lodging a complaint with the Chamber Magistrate at North Sydney Courthouse, email:

A person to whom an order is issued does not have a right to appeal. Should the dog continue to cause a noise nuisance, the owner of the dog may be issued with an on-the-spot fine each time a breach of the order occurs.


Dog Droppings

One of the responsibilities of owning a dog is to ensure that it does not cause a public nuisance or endanger others. Dog droppings in public places are both a nuisance and a risk to public health. It is therefore your responsibility to clean up after your dog when it defecates.

When walking your dog in a public place, please carry a plastic bag, scooper or similar container with you so that you can collect the waste and dispose of it appropriately. Fines apply for a dog defecating in a public place without immediate removal. Please note that the NSW Govt's Companion Animal Act (1998) also imposes heavy fines for owners who fail to immediately clean up after their animal.

In areas where there are no dog tidies, please take your dog's droppings home with you and dispose of them with domestic waste.


Dog Disposal Bags

Dog tidy bags, for disposing of droppings, are currently provided in the following Council parks:


Location in the park

Anderson Park Near the Clark Rd (harbour) entrance.
Berry Island Reserve Entrance to park at the end of Shirley Rd.
Brennan Park Main entrance (left side).
Brightmore reserve Lower end of Little Wonga Rd.
Cremorne Point Reserve

Path to point, 50m from the toilets.

Bogota Ave, 50m along the path to reserve.

Forsyth Park 20m from the vehicle entrance gate on the right side.
Green Park Warwick Ave at path entrance to community centre.
Milson Park Adjacent to the toilets.
Primrose Park

Lower end of Denos Lane, path to cricket nets.

Young St car park, on the hill.

Sawmillers Reserve 50m from West Crescent St entrance.
St Leonards Park At rear of Bowling Club work shed, Ridge St side near oval wall.
St Thomas Rest Park

20m from entrance gate at West St.

20m from entrance gate at Atchinson St.

Tunks Park Vehicle entrance, off Brothers Ave, on the left side.
Waverton Park(top) Adjacent to the toilets.
Waverton Park (lower) Just past the John St entrance tree-side.

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