Dogs in Parks, Reserves & Playgrounds

With numerous parks where dogs can be exercised off-leash, North Sydney is a dog-friendly area.

However, the Companion Animals Act 1998 imposes some restrictions in relation to dogs and playgrounds.


All Council parks and public reserves are off-leash areas, with the exception of:

  • all bushland areas
  • all playing fields while organised sporting events are in progress
  • St Leonards Oval (No. 1 and 2)
  • Cremorne Reserve, Clark Park, Ancrum St Park, Coal Loader Centre for Sustainability & Platform.

Under the Companion Animals Act 1998 - Section 14, dogs are also prohibited in the following public places:

  • Within 10m of any children's playing apparatus;
  • food preparation and/or consumption areas (unless it is a public thoroughfare such as a road, footpath or pathway);
  • recreation areas where dogs are declared prohibited;
  • public bathing areas where dogs are declared prohibited;
  • school grounds (unless with the permission of the person controlling the grounds);
  • child care centres (unless with the permission of the person controlling the centre);
  • shopping areas where dogs are prohibited (unless secured in a vehicle, with the permission of the person controlling the place or going to or from a vet or pet shop); and
  • wildlife protection areas.

All dogs in public places must be under the control of a competent person. Council is required by the State Government to enforce the laws concerning dogs, and Rangers may issue on-the-spot fines for infringements of the regulations listed above.


Dog Disposal Bags

Dog tidy bags, for disposing of droppings, are currently provided in the following Council parks:


Location in the park

Anderson Park Near the Clark Rd (harbour) entrance.
Berry Island Reserve Entrance to park at the end of Shirley Rd.
Brennan Park Main entrance (left side).
Brightmore reserve Lower end of Little Wonga Rd.
Cremorne Point Reserve

Path to point, 50m from the toilets.

Bogota Ave, 50m along the path to reserve.

Forsyth Park 20m from the vehicle entrance gate on the right side.
Green Park Warwick Ave at path entrance to community centre.
Milson Park Adjacent to the toilets.
Primrose Park

Lower end of Denos Lane, path to cricket nets.

Young St car park,on the hill.

Sawmillers Reserve 50m from West Crescent St entrance.
St Leonards Park At rear of Bowling Club work shed, RidgeSt side near oval wall.
St Thomas Rest Park

20m from entrance gate at West St.

20m from entrance gate at Atchinson St.

Tunks Park Vehicle entrance, off Brothers Ave, on the left side.
Waverton Park(top) Adjacent to the toilets.
Waverton Park (lower) Just past the John St entrance tree-side.