Our People - Services & Values


Service is our Business

When you join North Sydney Council you become a part of a team that is dedicated to providing a wide range of quality services to North Sydney residents and the larger community. Our aim is to ensure North Sydney remains a welcoming, well-designed, safe and beautiful environment for residents, workers and visitors.

Your role may be as a direct service provider or you may provide service to other persons in Council who, in turn, provide direct service to the public.

As you can see, service is our business.

Local Government has come a long way: Council assumes responsibility for many aspects of the community's wellbeing and has moved far beyond doing only "roads, rates & rubbish".

Working for Council is about achieving results. North Sydney Council operates in a competitive, customer-driven environment. We strive to provide a professional, efficient, friendly service at all times.

Our values drive the way we work at North Sydney Council.

We focus on hiring people who we believe share our values:

Sustainability - equity, preservation, justice and precaution

Community Service - efficiency, effectiveness and responsiveness

Open Government - transparency and accountability

Ethical Conduct - honesty and integrity

Justice - fairness and equity

Quality - innovation and excellence

Teamwork - cooperation and respect


Child Safe Organisation

North Sydney Council adheres to the principles of a child safe organisation and is committed to the care and protection of all children and young people.

The principles of a Child Safe Organisation come from the Child Safe Standards which were one of several recommendations made by the Royal Commission into Institutional Child Sexual Abuse. They provide a benchmark by which organisations can assess their child safe capability. The standards provide guidance for organisations to create cultures, adopt strategies and act to put the interests of children first whilst keeping them safe from harm. Implementing the standards effectively will helps the organisation drive cultural change. A child safe culture encompasses a set of values and practices that guide the attitudes of all Council employees.