Why Work Here

  • You can make a difference at a community level.

  • We are committed to environmental sustainability, and actively encourage and promote work and personal opportunities where this can be demonstrated.

  • North Sydney Council is a friendly environment which recognises the importance of a work/life balance.

  • Our Council aims to be 'leading edge' in serving the community of North Sydney - by caring for its assets, and delivering services with good governance and in a financial, social and environmentally responsible manner.


Make a Difference

You can make a difference whether you are dealing with external customers or internal customers. You can see the impact your work has on others - from a planner providing advice on a development application; a ranger dealing with a noise complaint; a groundsman preparing a wicket for a local cricket team, an events officer managing an event or an administration officer assisting with a section’s administrative work.


Community Consultation and Impact

What we do at North Sydney Council, and the decisions made by Council and staff directly impact the local community. Our Public Consultation policy recognises that decisions are enhanced when broader community views are acknowledged and taken into consideration during the decision making process. Many of our employees gain great job satisfaction from working with the community on issues they care about.


A Sustainable Environment

North Sydney Council is committed to ensuring all of its activities are conducted in an environmentally responsible manner. This commitment is demonstrated at all levels from our Council representatives, management team and our employees. Some of the practical examples are:

  • education and training of all staff and contractors to ensure they are aware of their environmental responsibilities

  • our offices are designed with power-friendly lighting and movement sensors

  • our Ros Crichton Pavilion uses photovoltaic (PV) cells to directly provide power used in meetings and training sessions, and excess power is fed back into the grid

  • recycling of office materials and paper

  • 'Buy Green' purchasing, includes bio-degradable items for catering through to the purchase of energy-efficient hybrid vehicles for the Council's fleet

  • employment of Sustainability Education Officers

  • participation and support of larger community programs such as the ‘Climate Challenge’

  • for further information see the environment section of our website


Our Employees

With approximately 400 permanent (full time and part-time) employees, we are not too big and not too small - we are just right! You will have the chance to meet with many of the team members from other departments and get to know them. Our teams genuinely strive towards satisfying our customer’s needs, even when there are competing groups and interests.


A Strategic Plan for our People

Linked to our long term corporate strategy, at North Sydney Council our mission for our employees is:

To optimise employee performance in an enjoyable, safe, fair and equitable workplace.

At North Sydney Council we:

  • are ethical and compassionate in fulfilling our role and responsibilities
  • are transparent, accountable and inclusive in our decision making
  • plan for the future
  • conduct all our activities with respect and courtesy
  • use periodic auditing and benchmarking processes to ensure our service delivery is efficient and competitive
  • ensure our staffing strategy aims to take into account the changing nature of work and the workforce
  • have strategies in place for the attraction and retention of staff
  • are able to provide strong community leadership and manage the organization effectively
  • welcome innovation
  • communicate openly and share information.


Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO)

Equal Employment Opportunity at North Sydney Council aims to provide a workplace that is free from discrimination, bullying and harassment.

In accordance with the Local Government Act, North Sydney prepared an Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Management Plan that was first implemented in 1994-1995 and is reviewed regularly. All new staff can expect to undertake EEO training as part of their induction.

North Sydney Council values diversity and respects each person's individuality.

For further information on what this means see North Sydney Council Management Plan (EEO Policy) and the EEO Management Plan.


Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct is based on the Model Code of Conduct for Local Councils in NSW and has been tailored to reflect our values.

It is designed to help our employees maintain the high standards of conduct/behaviour required and serves as a reference guide for dealing with ethical problems that may be encountered. Our Code of Conduct covers areas such as our general conduct obligations, conflicts of interest, token gifts and benefits, the role of Council officials and their interaction with employees, accessing information, reporting breaches of the Code and complaint handling.

All new staff can expect to undertake Code of Conduct training as part of their induction.

For further information please refer to our Policy Manual: Code of Conduct for Councillors and Staff policy.


Employee Survey

Every employee has the power to make a difference to our culture by participating in our employee surveys. The survey gathers feedback on a range of topics such as:

  • communication within Council
  • management
  • the way we organise our work
  • training and development
  • occupational health & safety
  • pay and benefits.

We want this Council to be a great place to work and gathering feedback directly from our employees means identifying the things that can make it better than it already is. Currently, several initiatives are underway as a direct result of the feedback provided by our employees.


Staff Forums - conducted by our GM

Staff forums are conducted annually by the General Manager (GM) for indoor and outdoor staff, at various sites around Council. These forums are an opportunity for our employees to meet directly with our GM, and raise any Council-related matter in an informal environment.


Work Health & Safety

We want all our employees to be work safe and be safe at work, further information: Work Health & Safety.