Work Conditions & Staff Benefits


Working Conditions

North Sydney Council's working conditions are currently prescribed by the Local Government State Award. The following are some of our key working conditions.


Hours of Work

The standard working week is 35 hours for indoor staff and 38 hours for outdoor staff.



Most indoor staff can access flexi-time. This is the system whereby employees are permitted a degree of flexibility in their starting and finishing times and lunch breaks, which may result in a credit of hours being accrued towards time off at single pay.


Rostered Days Off (RDOs)

Most outdoor staff are covered by a 9-day fortnight.


Sick/Carer's Leave

15 days per annum for full time, pro-rata for part-time.


Annual Holidays

After each 12 months' service, employees are entitled to 20 days of annual holidays per annum for full-time, pro-rata for part-time.


Long Service Leave (LSL)

After 5 years' continuous service, employees are entitled to 6.5 weeks LSL, pro-rata for part-time.


Paid Maternity Leave

After 12 months of continuous service, employees are eligible for paid special leave - 9 weeks full pay or 18 weeks half pay.



Employees are entitled to 9.50% superannuation in accordance with the legislation.


Reward for Performance

Employees have the opportunity to progress through their salary range via our Performance Planning and Assessment (PPA) system.


Casual Work

Casual employees receive an additional 25% loading in-lieu of all leave and severance pay.



Staff Benefits

Our people matter. North Sydney Council offers benefits to staff as follows.


A Balanced Work Life

North Sydney Council recognises the importance of balancing the demands of your work with the demands of your personal life.


Flexible Working Hours / Rostered Days Off

Many of our indoor staff in full-time positions can access the benefit of flexi-time. In other areas, such as Library and Customer service, full-time staff may work on a rostered basis. Most of our outdoor staff access a nine-day fortnight or a 19-day month.


Part-time Work

A number of our employees work on a part-time basis or have worked part-time for a transition period i.e. returning to work following a period of parental leave. Council considers each employee's changing needs.


Home Based Work 

Employees occasionally work from home where appropriate - an example of an initiative that can provide flexibility at certain stages of an employee's career. 


Paid Parental Leave

In additional to the normal parental leave/maternity leave provisions, women who have completed 12 months of continuous service can access a total of 9 weeks paid maternity leave, which can be taken either at full pay or as 18 weeks at half pay.


Transport Allowance

Council recognises that Sydney is congested with traffic, that North Sydney Council has limited parking and is also well-serviced by public transport. In line with Council's 2020 Vision, we recognise the need to develop environmentally-sustainable transport solutions. To encourage staff to use public transport (buses, trains, ferries) to get to and from work, we offer a travel allowance to staff.


Health Matters

Health Matters is a holistic health improvement program, designed to improve the health and well-being of North Sydney Council’s employees. Various activities including exercise classes, flu vaccinations, skin checks, a touch football team, weekly fruit deliveries and health seminars to assist in maintaining your health and wellbeing.


Employee Assistance Program

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a confidential, professional counselling service available free of charge to all employees and their families. The service can be provided over the phone or face to face. The EAP provides registered psychologists with whom employees may wish to discuss work matters and well as non-work matters such as stress, alcohol and drug problems, marital difficulties etc. Employees can also access information, such as articles and self-assessments online via Benestar.


Money Matter$ - Free Financial Advice

Our Money Matter$ Program is conducted in partnership with Active Super. All our employees are given the opportunity to meet with our superannuation specialist as part of the induction process and can then access up to two (2) hours of paid time each year to meet with the financial planner on-site. We want all employees to have a plan in place to help them and their families maximise the benefits of their income.


Social Events

We have an active committee that organises a range of social and sporting events each year, including activities at Easter, Melbourne Cup Day, golf days, theatre tickets and Christmas functions. These events provide a great opportunity to meet other team members and have some fun!


Charity Casual Dress Days

Staff are invited to wear casual dress on a selected date each month linked to a charity and asked to give a gold coin donation. These donations are given to the relevant charity or not-for-profit organisation.

Council believes by making a positive societal contribution helps our staff feel committed to achieving the council’s vision and strategy and can create a much stronger sense of personal interconnection, shared purpose, and heartfelt pride across the organisation.



For further information or suggestions relating to staff benefits contact our Human Resources on 9936 8100.