Sportsgrounds Hire & Fees

Hire and Fees

Booking a sporting field in North Sydney secures your spot for your event, or club.

There are fees and associated costs, check here:

Fees and charges

(use the search word - sport)

Note these possible adjustments:

  • For bookings within 7 days of the event date a $25 late fee applies (no bookings can be received within 2 days of the event date),
  • a $25 fee will apply to each booking that needs to be amended after it has been confirmed in writing,
  • Permanent Hirers that pay the entire season bookings 7 days in advance of the season commencing receive a 10% reduction on the scheduled fee.


How to make a booking

How to make a Booking (182KB)

(Note this form is not for North Sydney Oval instead you will need to contact us)


Terms & conditions of hire

All hirers must read the Terms & Conditions of Hire (269KB)


Application Forms

Casual hirers:

Casual Application form (400KB)


Permanent Hirers:

Application form Summer (300KB)

Application form Winter (288KB)


Litter Bins

Litter bins are essential if you are serving food or drink. You need one (1) bin for every thirty (30) people attending the function.

Litter bin (169KB)



Payment may be made in-person by cash, cheque or credit card, or use the

Credit Card Deduction Authority - Resource & Facility Hire (225KB)

and email it to - a receipt will be mailed with your booking confirmation.


Credit Card Service Fee

Council charges a 0.75% service fee, inclusive of GST on transactions using Visa & MasterCard (credit, debit and prepaid).


Booking of Sporting Facilities Policy

All permanent hirers must read our policy when making seasonal bookings

Booking of Sporting Facilities policy


Public Liability Insurance

Everyone must have insurance. If the booking is on behalf of an individual, then you will need to pay an additional fee. Cost: $160. If the booking is on behalf of a company, then you don't have to pay for Public Liability Insurance. However, you must include a copy of your Certificate of Currency (at the time of lodgement).

Note: The policy must be for no less than $20 Million. Please be careful, some policies may not cover your group activity if it's held away from the office.


Sports and Recreation Reference Group

North Sydney Council has a Sports and Recreation Reference Group aimed at promoting the development of sport in the North Sydney Council area. If your association or club is interested in participating or you would like more information please contact our Recreation Planner on 9936 8100.


Back-to-back Bookings/Overstays

Council's grounds continue to be heavily booked. To ensure ground quality is maintained and that all hirers receive fair ground allocations, bookings times must be strictly adhered to.



The lights will be turned on at the time(s) specified by the hirer. If additional time is required for setting up and/or packing up, then this must be factored into the start and finish times of the booking.



When using Council sportsgrounds, please ensure that all vehicles are parked in the designated parking areas (and not on a grassed area unless authorised by Council).



Marquees are not permitted in the North Sydney Council area.



Electric barbecues for public use can be found at the following locations:

  1. St Leonards Park
  2. Primrose Park
  3. Tunks Park
  4. Balls Head reserve
  5. Berry Island reserve

Portable gas barbecues are permitted, however consent is subject to current fire restrictions: check the NSW Rural Fire Service information line 1800 679 737, or visit

Drip mats/trays must be placed under the barbecue to collect any spillage. Council will take steps to recoup costs should any damage occur.


Applications to be forwarded to

Customer Service - Bookings
North Sydney Council
200 Miller Street
North Sydney NSW 2060

Ph: 9936 8200

Ban on Smoking near Sportsgrounds

Smoking is prohibited in the following areas on Council-owned land: in and within ten (10) metres of the boundaries of sportsgrounds and recreational facilities, when sports are being played. Individual who do not comply with the ban could face a fine of more than $100.