Sustainability Champions

We feel that everyone's a winner when it comes to sustainability projects!

Whether your project is big or small, it's champion to spread the word and inspire others.

2020 Sustainability Champions

Nominations for this year are now CLOSED.

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2018 Sustainability Champions

  • Bridget Kennedy has many professional hats and is a founding member of Repair Café North Sydney, jeweller, installation artist, who also manages an artist exhibition and project space at 53 Ridge St, North Sydney. Bridget believes in the power of creativity and its potential to express ourselves, connect with each other, to question, challenge and find new answers. A place where surplus is felt through connection - not coveting - and a time where life is explored using creativity and creative thinking. Bridget is constantly redoing, remaking and recreating and is supporting a world where she strives to reduce, reuse, repair, recreate, refurbish and recycle. Bridget says, "All of the work I do, and want to do, moves towards this vision of a truly connected creative and sustainable community."

    From 2016-18, Bridget coordinated 24 exhibitions at the Project Space. She held 22 free community events, and six free Repair, Remake Recreate workshops. Bridget also volunteers monthly, and since July 2018 has raised $1900+ for the Environmental Defenders Office.
  • Venetia Scott provides a free household food waste composting service to her neighbourhood in Cremorne Point. Venetia set up a composting system around the side of her house and signed up to the ShareWaste website, which connects people who have composting facilities with those who would like to compost (but are unable to). Venetia decided early that her composting should to keep pace with community demand. Now over 25 people have connected with her through ShareWaste and regularly drop off their kitchen scraps. So far, Venetia has processed approximately 740kg of scraps and also has close to a thousand litres of compost... maturing!
  • The Platform Community Garden is a sustainable food growing project, sponsored by North Sydney Council, at the Coal Loader Centre for Sustainability. After the official open on 24 March 2018, Richard Ward and Kirsty Beilharz, previously strangers, with only limited gardening knowledge, stepped up to help guide the group. They, along with the group, attended multiple workshops to gain the knowledge needed to look after the project. And one or both of them have been available every Saturday morning, whatever the weather, to help volunteers choose organic solutions and make sustainable choices. By 2019 the group has harvested over 200kg of fresh, organic produce (shared among themselves) and have a strong network of avid volunteers. If you'd like to get involved email
  • The Chookyard at the Coal Loader has many aims mainly to: share sustainable living practices, model backyard chook keeping, demonstrate organic gardening, and also build an inclusive community group around common interests.

    Noah and Jennifer have helped manage the chook yard for four years. Jennifer is there every week in all weathers, putting the chooks away, topping up food and water, with Noah often helping out. Noah has a really good way with the birds, and is very observant when it comes to monitoring them for any changes in health and condition. Jennifer sends vital reports back to the coordinating team members which they rely on to keep the chickens in good health.

    Noah is a great yard lieutenant and often joins the working bees on a Wednesday when he is on school holidays and helps out with whatever needs to be done. He is also a first class chook yard ambassador and is a great asset to the yard on special event days when he helps members on duty show chicken to the visiting public, and take children and their parents through the yard. The Coal Loader Chookyard meets Wednesday mornings from 10am. Find out more about keeping a chicken.