What is Sustainability?

It is a desired state: living within our means to help the long-term wellbeing of our society, and the planet.

Smart Energy Future

Renewable energy for electricity & heating. Get solar quotes & free expert advice!

Futureproofing Apartments Program

Free energy program: register, assess, save $$$, plus check out the October expo!

Sustainable Business

How to green our commercial workplaces - and the programs Council partners in order to do so.

Sustainability at Home

Save water, power, and other resources while you save money, reduce waste, and create a sustainable home.

Sustainability at School

Ready.. Set... Grow! Here's what you can do at school.

Sustainability Information Sheets

Reduce plastic use, farm worms, naturally clean, conserve resources, plus much more.

What is Council Doing?

Learn more about our sustainability policies, plans and projects. How we've sought to make a change.

Environmental Levy

Information on our Environmental levy and the programs and projects it enables.

The Coal Loader

Find out about The Coal Loader Centre for Sustainability - history, features, and community gardens and more.