Plastic Free North Sydney

Why plastic free?

Facts and figures to help understand the plastic problem.

Alternatives to Single-Use

Check out our guide to easy and affordable alternatives to single use plastics.

Reusable Cups and Containers

Returning to your workplace? Reusable containers help make coffee or lunch plastic-free...

What you can do

We can all take steps to avoid plastic becoming a problem.

Confusing labels

Definitions to help clarify what Labels mean, and to avoid "green washing".

Business can reduce plastic use

Get support for your business to reduce their single-use plastic.

FREE Reusable shopping bags

Check out how to get yours from Council.

DIY Reusable shopping bags

Make no-sew bags out of second hand materials for yourself and/or others!

How do I line my bin?

Stuck with single use plastic bags as liners? We’ve got some answers...

Compostable dog tidy bags

750,000 dog tidy bags provided per year. And it's all compostable!