Smart Energy Future

Renewable Energy for our Community

A fundamental change to our energy supply system is now well underway, where energy is increasingly being produced with minimal negative impact on the planet, and where the energy we do use may be utilised more efficiently.

Enormous employment opportunities are opening up with the transition from the existing polluting and inefficient energy equipment - to smart, clean energy generators and smart energy management systems, which will inevitably inhabit all our homes and national energy markets.

Renewable electricity and renewable heat energy are transforming the energy landscape globally - and many homes and businesses - as people realise that renewable electricity and heat are the cheapest and cleanest energy sources.


The All-Electric Home

There is a global movement now to disconnect from the gas network to save money and keep home interiors cleaner, less damp, and minimise mould.

Learn more by joining the lively Facebook Q&A with experts and people just like you trying to live more sustainability at My Efficient Electric Home

And with the money you save by disconnecting from gas, perhaps spend a little extra on Greenpower to accelerate the transition to zero emissions electricity!

According to energy expert Saul Griffiths, each home will save $3000-5000/year by 2030 when replacing fossil fuel appliances and vehicles at the end of their life.

Government rebates for Homes and Businesses

  • Efficient reverse cycle air conditioners (incorporating renewable energy for cheapest heating).
  • LED lighting - if replacing halogens.
  • Appliance replacement program for efficient models.

Enquire and apply -  

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Fact Sheets - meet the Avatars!

We recognise that change is not always easy, so Council engaged specialist consultants 100% Renewables to research the emerging smart energy opportunities for homes and businesses. View these fact sheets below - and meet the avatars who best represent your situation!

More information about renewable energy systems:

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