Plant Selection

You can create a drought-resistant garden that will attract native wildlife and need less looking after too.

Some basic rules to consider when planning your garden:

  • Choose native plants over exotics. Your nursery can give you advice on what plants suit the area you live in. Council can also give advice and information on what not to plant!

  • Think about aspect when planting. For example, the southern side of your garden will be shady all year round, whereas the western side is shaded in winter and hot and sunny in summer.

  • Similarly, elevated areas of your garden will be drier and need more watering than hollows. Plant selection for these areas should match watering needs.

  • Allow plenty of room between shrubs and trees so they don't overcrowd one another.

  • Don't plant trees too close to your home or the backyard fence. Try low growing shrubs such as Grevilleas if you're after shade without too much height.

  • To attract wild birds, plant flowering natives for food and dense prickly native shrubs for shelter. Hang up nesting boxes and install a bird bath too.

  • To attract butterflies, local nectar plants should be a feature of your garden.

  • Incorporate a large flat rock in a sunny spot to attract lizards.

  • Scatter plenty of mulch and compost around your garden which will encourage beetles and worms. These in turn entice birds, bats and lizards.

  • Group together plants that have similar watering needs.

  • Keep your pet dog and cat inside at night.

View our Biosecurity Weed Guide: which tells you which plants are banned in the local area, or are not recommended for planting.

Check out our Native Havens program: free advice and actual native plants given to North Sydney residents.