Schools Environment Network North Sydney

Initially, the Schools Environment Network North Sydney (SENNS) was for teachers, and environmental school committees, to link up and exchange information.

Then in 2014, it became focused on and run by students.

Today it aims to engage students in leadership, and mentor in sustainability - supported by the educators and their environmental committees.

SENNS is an open and welcoming network that encourages students and educators to share, learn and work together on sustainability projects in a fun and exciting way!

We have a great mix of primary and secondary schools, involving teachers, parents and students from most of the schools in our area.


2022 Meetings

We will focus on hands-on, practical, nature-based activities and learning.

We run at least one network meeting per term.

Further details will be posted here, online and through the email list.

To join SENNS email list, please email or call 9936 8398.


SENNS aims to offer:

  • An informal forum where students (and some teachers) can discuss environmental initiatives and projects.

  • Easy to understand information about government grants, rebates and programs.

  • An opportunity to share learning and experiences relating to sustainability and environmental education.

  • Efficient ways to seek resources.

  • Partnership opportunities between schools and other organisations.

  • Leadership and mentoring opportunities for students.

  • A great way to celebrate achievements.

And for educators specifically:

  • Professional development opportunities relating to environment and sustainability education.

  • Practical ideas to integrate environmental education into the curriculum.


SENNS Member Schools