Our Urban Forest

Managing trees and shrubs on public and private land, plus the benefits.

Trees on Public Land

North Sydney Council maintains a huge network of public trees with over 17,000 street trees plus many more growing in Parks and Reserves.

Trees on Private Land

Our policies and compliance aim to prevent unlawful or unnecessary tree removal, pruning or destruction.

Trees & Development

Development applications are required to detail the location and type of any tree or vegetation in the vicinity of the development.

Tree Policies & Strategies

The policies and strategies that underpin managing trees in North Sydney.

Frequently Asked Questions

View the most frequently asked questions about trees in the North Sydney area here.

Measuring Carbon in a Tree

Trees absorb carbon dioxide (CO2) and release oxygen (O2) and store carbon in their growth. How much? Find out!

Tree Vandalism

We have compiled a list of useful contacts should you seek further information.