A-Z Waste & Recycling

There are better ways with waste... below are practical alternatives to landfill.

  • Refuse - decline things you don't need and say no to items you haven't asked for.

  • Reduce - buy less but buy better; quality products that will last longer and help reduce waste.

  • Reuse - swap single use items with reusables and save money and waste.

  • Re-purpose - find a practical new use for an old item.

  • Re-gift - can someone use an item that you have finished with? Remember to only donate quality goods.

  • Rot - start composting or work farming to dramatically reduce your greenhouse gas production.

  • Recycle - maintain a closed loop system by recycling AND buying goods made from recycled products.


This A-Z directory below lists the what and where of how to dispose of all sorts of materials.

Or Planet Ark's recycling portal can help locate recycling services - recyclingnearyou.com.au


Type of material

How to dispose

Aerosol cans

Community Recycling Centre or in the yellow recycling bin.

Aluminium cans

Yellow recycling bin or a Return and Earn station.

Aluminium foil

Scrunch foil into the size of a tennis ball, then put in yellow recycling bin.


Remove via a registered contractor, or within Kimbriki guidelines (fees apply).

Batteries (household)

Community Recycling CentreCouncil Customer Service, Officeworks, Aldi, The Coal Loader.

Batteries (car)

Community Recycling Centre.


Recycle bikes at these services.

The Northside Produce Market, supported by Council, also host regular bike repair workshops.


Donate books or swap good reads at The Coal Loader or Street Library Australia.

Bread Tags The Coal Loader or The Bread Tag Project.

Building Waste

Artarmon Resource Recovery (Cleanaway) (fees apply), or Kimbriki (fees apply).


Unsoiled cardboard/paper bigger than credit card size goes in the yellow recycling bin.

Thornleigh Community Recycling

For large quantities contact Artarmon Resource Recovery (Cleanaway) (fees may apply).


Bundle in 1.2m rolls, book a household clean up.

Carton (milk/juice)

Liquid paper board cartons (remove any plastic spouts) in the yellow recycling bin.


Community Recycling Centre.


EPA Chemical Clean Out.


Instead of putting it in the red bin, good quality clothing can be donated to a friend, charity shops, or online. Damaged clothing might be able to be repaired at home. Stained or ripped clothing could be used as rags for cleaning your house. Soiled and beyond-repair clothing and fabric can be recycled at some clothing retailers including H&M and Zara stores in our region.

Coat hangers

Many cannot be recycled, if in good condition please reuse or donate to charity shops. Broken hangers made all from plastic or all from metal can go into the yellow bin. Broken hangers made from multiple materials that cannot be separated should go into the red bin. 

Coffee cups

Coffee cups are NOT readily recyclable as they are coated in plastic internally, however Simply Cups have multiple special recycling stations for them.

Coffee cups must not go in the yellow bin as they will contaminate the waste stream.

Plastic lids (white and black) can go into the yellow recycling bin. 

Cups labeled as biodegradable only break down as indicated when taken to an appropriate facility. Speak to your cafe to find out more about where they send theirs and return them to the cafe for transport to that facility.

Cups put in the red bin can take hundreds of years to degrade into microplastics landfill. Please consider switching to a reusable cup.

Visit Responsible Cafes to find your closest cafe that offers discounts for reusable cups.

Other cafes support reusable & returnable cups such as Green Caffeen and Returnr.

Coffee pods / capsules

Coffee pods are generally recyclable but too small for curbside recycling. Please visit your brand's website for details on their programs, contact your local Aldi store, or switch to a reusable pod at Crema Joe.


Community Recycling Centre or contact your local Office Works.

E-waste / electrical appliances

Some items may be repairable at the Repair Cafe. Items beyond repair can be taken to the Community Recycling Centre or one of these facilities.

Please note that E-waste is not allowed in your usual weekly rubbish collection.

Fire extinguishers

Community Recycling Centre or contact the supplier as shown on the extinguisher.

Food waste

Reduce your environmental impact - start a compost collection or worm farm. North Sydney Council will even pay up to 50% of the cost!

Alternatively contact or join your local community garden (note: not all are able to collect from non-members). Or drop off locally through ShareWaste (NZ website which covers Aust).

Diverting your food waste properly can make a large difference to your environmental footprint because in landfill it will create methane (a powerful greenhouse gas) and leachate (which can pollute soil and water) but in compost it can be used to grow plants and trap carbon.


Book a household clean up.


Some items can be repaired at Men's Shed. Good quality items could be donated to a friend, charity, or online low-waste group (there are many to be found on Facebook). For damaged items, please book a household clean up.

Garden waste / clippings

Book a green waste clean up.

Gas bottles

Community Recycling Centre.

Glass / mirrors

Small amounts of broken glass (drinking glasses etc) can go into the red bin.

Do not put glass other than bottles and jars into the yellow recycling bin. The glass used in other products has a different melt point and can contaminate the process.

Large glass sheets, building waste, or mirrors need to be taken to Artarmon Resource Recovery (Cleanaway) (fees apply). Usable mirrors can be donated to a friend, charity shops, or low waste groups online.

Glass bottles and jars

Yellow recycling bin. Please remove metal and plastic lids and labels before recycling.

Glasses (reading)

Planet Ark - Recycling Near You or check with your optometrist who may collect for charitable re-use.

Household cleaners

EPA Chemical Clean Out.

Juice / soy / milk cartons

Yellow recycling bin.


Milk/water bottle lid leave on the bottle.

Metal lids from jam/pasta jars: yellow recycling bin, separate from the jar.

Wine bottle screw-caps/ metal bottle caps: red bin due to size as they are too small for the machinery or in a folded shut can of the same metal only.

Light globes & tubes

Fluorescent, halogen, LED

Community Recycling Centre or at The Coal Loader (who will take them to the centre for you!).


Yellow recycling bin.


Book a household clean up.

Or try Soft Landing: a social enterprise who recycle mattresses while offering employment to people who experience barriers entering the open labour market (fees apply).


Return unwanted medicines to your pharmacy. Do not put into the red bin as medications can contaminate soil and groundwater.

Mobile phones

Community Recycling CentreCoal Loader, Taronga Zoo.

Needles/ sharps

Medical sharps.

Oils (motor and other)

Community Recycling Centre.

Paint / paint tins

Community Recycling Centre.

Palm trees / palm fronds

Book a green waste clean up.

Pens and markers


Pizza boxes

Clean pizza boxes can go in the yellow recycling bin. Greasy sections should be placed in the red bin or possibly your own compost bin.

Plastic bags / soft plastics

Please place in the general waste bin or recycle at Thornleigh CRC.

Plastic bottles and containers

Rinse and place in the yellow recycling bin.

Polystyrene and Styrofoam

Liverpool Recycling Centre

Thornleigh Community Recycling Centre

Elsewhere: https://recyclingnearyou.com.au/polystyrene/NorthSydneyNSW

Pool chemicals

EPA Chemical Clean Out.

Printer/toner cartridges

Planet Ark, Officeworks, Community Recycling Centre, or The Coal Loader who will deliver them to one of these locations for you.

 Rubber Bands The Coal Loader who take them to Reverse Garbage.

Scrap metal

Metal recyclers.

Smoke alarms

Community Recycling Centre.

Steel cans

Rinse and place in the yellow recycling bin.


EPA Chemical Clean Out.


Community recycling centre.


Artarmon Resource Recovery (Cleanaway) (fees apply).

Water filtration unit

Take the unit itself to metal recyclers.

Its electrical cord can be taken as e-waste to Community recycling centre

White goods

Book a household clean up or Artarmon Resource Recovery (Cleanaway) (fees apply).


Community Recycling Centre.

Yoga mats

Repurpose old or used yoga matts at www.lovearth.com.au/donationprogram

All information correct at time of publishing.

Charges may apply for some items.

For more information or to confirm please contact the provider listed.