General Information


Waste and environment Acts and Regulations in force can be found here.

Building and Environmental Compliance

Council Officers enforce building compliance, environmental health and protection and food issues.


If you are renovating and are unsure whether your home contains asbestos material then check here...

Loose-fill Asbestos

Learn about the State Govt sample testing for loose-fill asbestos in (pre-1980) homes...

Grey Water

Waste water - that can be used again! And how to start using it...

Lead in the Home & Garden

Lead may be found in paint, or dislodged during renovations, it is a poison, find out more.

Backyard Burning

To protect public health and the environment, there are only certain situations when fires can be lit.

Keeping Chickens

There are lots of great reasons to keep chickens, but there are also some regulations to keep in mind.