Here are some tips to help you carry through your good water-saving habits in the home to your garden.

  • Check outdoor taps and pipes for leaks and get them repaired.
  • Water the roots and soil around plants rather than the leaves and flowers.
  • Consider installing a drip irrigation system.
  • Try not to cut lawns too short. Leave grass at least 3 cms or higher when mowing.
  • Give your lawn a deep soaking with a hand held hose to encourage deeper root systems.
  • Use mulch and compost liberally to retain moisture and reduce evaporation.
  • When mulching, add a layer of newspaper first.
  • Water your garden in the cool of the evening or early morning to reduce evaporation.
  • If you're replacing lawn, opt for slow-growing and drought resistant varieties. They also need less mowing.
  • Group plants with similar watering needs together.
  • Choose drought-tolerant natives over introduced exotics that need regular watering.

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