Green Purchasing

Make the switch to buying sustainable products and services in your workplace. Here's a few suggestions on how, with links below:

  • If you have a small business in the North Sydney Council area, join the Better Business Partnership program.
  • Measure your workplace's environmental footprint at the EPA Victoria Ecological Footprint website - the footprint calculates your impact on the environment in terms of energy, water and vehicle use.
  • Based on the size of your eco-footprint, draw up a plan with other staff on how you can reduce it. Start small so your targets are manageable.
  • Ensure where possible that all equipment is energy-efficient rated.
  • When purchasing electrical equipment, look for the lowest possible power ratings and timings for operating low power, sleep and off modes.
  • For office equipment that uses paper, specify capacity for double-sided/duplex printing.
  • Make the switch to Green Power for renewable energy.
  • Buy tea and coffee from organisations such as Fair Trade.
  • Purchase products where possible from recyclable materials such as PET plastic.
  • Buy recycled hand towel and toilet paper.
  • Choose water-based ink cartridges.
  • Purchase equipment to allow you to teleconference or videoconference and reduce the need for road or air travel.
  • Say no to plastic bags when purchasing supplies. Ask for cardboard boxes or paper bags instead.
  • Use biodegradable cleaners, glues and solvents and choose maintenance companies who also use them.
  • Before doing business with a company, check their environmental credentials.

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