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Apply to occupy a road and/or footpath

Guidelines for your Occupy Council Road and/or Footpath Permit

Apply for an Occupy Council Road and/or Footpath Permit

  • A minimum of 5 business days is required for all applications (There must be 5 business days between applying and date of works. Apply Thursday to work the following Friday).
  • All relevant fees to be paid in full prior to the activity taking place. This also applies to change of date applications.
  • There will be no refund or credit of fees where an application is unsuccessful.
  • Changes to parking meters and any excavation requires a minimum of 10 business days’ notice. (There must be 10 business days between applying and date of works).
  • Independent applications are required for multiple activities in separate locations or dates.

Before you commence the application form, you may need to have the following documents and supporting material ready to submit to Council:

  • accurate description of works
  • start and finish dates
  • permit numbers of any previous permits for the works
  • DA number if works associated with a DA
  • measurements of the affected area(s), including whole site with Traffic Management included · Any affected parking, including parking Meter and Bay ID’s (go here for assistance with locating the Meter and Bay IDs)
  • specifications (measurements, weight etc) of any plant, machinery or vehicles used in the works
  • community notification letter draft
  • public liability insurance certificate
  • traffic guidance scheme (if required)
  • road occupancy licence (if required)
  • swept paths for any heavy vehicles (if required)
  • police approval (if required)
  • schedule of works if requesting Out of Hours works
  • written correspondence if works affect neighbours, taxis, buses
  • photos of the site (if required)

Stand plant, building materials and mobile structures

To ensure public access and safety is maintained, a permit is required to place plant equipment, building materials or mobile structures on a footpath, and to close any portion of a road or footpath in order to do so. 

You need an Occupy a Council Road and/or Footpath Permit to place any of the below in a public place:

  • building materials
  • mobile structure
  • mobile crane
  • cherry picker
  • truck crane
  • concrete boom pump
  • travel tower
  • boom lift
  • or other similar piece of equipment used for construction or maintenance work.

Skip bins

To place a skip in a public area such as on a footpath or road an Occupy a Council Road and/or Footpath Permit is required.

Skips in public areas must be positioned safely and not block access or visibility for cars and pedestrians. If you have concerns about the placement of a skip, contact Council.

Street openings

A street opening is defined as opening a road surface or paving area, a footpath, or a nature strip. An Occupy a Council Road and/or Footpath Permit is required for this.

Temporary road openings are allowed by North Sydney Council for construction work, special events and so on.

Apply to install hoarding

Prior to the installation of any temporary fence or hoarding over property owned or managed by Council, including public footpaths and roads, approval must be obtained.

All applications must be accompanied by plans indicating the type of hoarding and layout. 

Apply to install hoarding

Approval for hoardings will generally only be given in association with approved building works, maintenance, or to ensure protection of the public.

Fees are assessed on a case-by-case basis and are part of any approval given.

Hoarding must comply with the Hoarding Construction Guidelines and Requirements for the installation of A and B Class hoardings within North Sydney.

If an 'A Class' hoarding will alienate a section of Council's property, that section will require a permit for the occupation of Council property.

Apply to conduct out of hours work

During construction, you can request to work outside of the standard construction hours for public safety or for traffic flow reasons.

Applicants must demonstrate the associated construction works have the appropriate development consent. 

Apply for an Out of Hours Work Permit

Approximate turnaround time is five working days from receipt at Council for a standard application, or 72 hours when an urgency fee is paid.

Written consent for out of hours work must be collected from our Customer Service Centre.

If regular out of hours work is needed, then an application to Modify a Development Consent must be submitted via the NSW Planning Portal.

Out of hours work will not be granted to facilitate early completion of works.

Standard construction hours are:

  • Monday to Friday – 7am to 5pm
  • Saturday – 8am to 1pm
  • Sunday and Public Holidays – no work is permitted
  • demolition and excavation works are permitted between 8am and 5pm Monday to Friday only.

Construction site waste management

To nominate disposal and recycling points for building and demolition waste materials, use the form below.

Waste management plan form

To request permission to operate an on-site wastewater management system, use the form below.

Apply to run on-site wastewater management system




Request access to a Council property

Business access to a Council property in its parks and reserves is restricted.

However, if access is required, fill out this form: 

Permission to access Council property – Parks and Reserves

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