Library fees and charges


Secure EFTPOS payment is available with no minimum spend or surcharge.

We accept payment by credit card only. If you are unable to visit the library, please call us on (02) 9936 8400.

Library fees and charges

  • Late fees for overdue items
    Late fee$0.30 per item, per day
    Late fee – Fast Reads and Fast Flicks$1.00 per item, per day
    Late fee (maximum cap)$18.00 per item
  • Lost or damaged library materials


    Full replacementAt cost + processing fee

    Audio Visual - lost or damaged disks

    Where one disc lost in set$20.00
    Where more than one disc lost in setAt cost + processing fee
    Lost audio-visual case or box (single)$16.00
    Lost audio-visual case or box (multi-set)$20.00
    Lost libretto$20.00
    Lost insert$10.00

    Processing fee

    For magazines and children's picture books$5.00
    For all other items$10.00

    Lost and paid item reimbursement

    It is the policy of Council that all items that have been lost, or damaged beyond repair, and have been paid for by the customer may be kept by the customer. If a customer has paid a replacement charge for a lost library item and afterwards finds it, the charge will not be refunded by Council. The borrower is entitled to keep the item.

  • Photocopying and printing services
    A4 (black and white)$0.20 per page
    A3 (black and white)$0.40 per page
    A4 (colour)$1.00 per page
    A3 (colour)$2.00 per page
  • General library charges
    Reservation fee$2.50 per item
    Inter-library loan fee$3.50 per item, plus any additional charges passed on by the lending institute
    Replacement of membership card$6.00
    Library bags$5.00
  • Historical research
    Enquiries from the public of less than one hour.Free
    Enquiries from the public of more than one hour completed by library staff.$28.00, 20 days turn around
    Enquiries from a business completed by library staff.$45.00, 10 working days turn around
    A full list of fees and charges for local history publications, reproduction services and Don Bank Museum hire is available on request.
  • Room hire

    You must have public liability insurance, or be willing to pay the public liability insurance cost.

    Click the links below for more information on each room.

    Library conference room

    Weekdays until 5pm$62 per hour, $290 daily rate
    Weekdays after 5pm$72
    Saturday and Sunday$72 per hour, $220 daily rate

    Library small meeting room

    Weekdays until 5pm$32 per hour, $180 daily rate
    Weekdays after 5pm$42
    Saturday and Sunday$42 per hour, $180 daily rate


    Discount for community groups, charities, non-profit organisations.50%
    Discount for political parties.25%
    Discount for six or more meetings, unless discounted already.25%
    Double discount is not permitted. Discount is only on room hire, not equipment.