Terms and Conditions of Entry

Exhibition venue information

Finalist artworks will be displayed at The Coal Loader Centre for Sustainability. The site is located on Balls Head Road, Waverton, and offers a unique exhibition venue. Artworks will be displayed in the underground tunnels and chambers (including foyer and mezzanine) and other locations across the site. Artists proposing works for display in the underground chambers, tunnels, mezzanine or foyer are strongly advised to attend an online or in-person information session before submitting their application. 

The following information may assist artists proposing artworks for the tunnels and chambers:


Chambers: While the size of each chamber varies slightly, each is approximately 5m wide x 5m depth, with ceilings approximately 9m. 

Tunnels: approximately 3m wide.

Access to each chamber

All doorways to chambers are of standard width. Some doorway access is low height.


There are standard single phase power outlets in every second chamber and at various points through tunnel 1, the foyer and mezzanine levels.

There is no power available in tunnel 2.  

WiFi/Data connectivity

There is no WiFi inside the tunnel or chambers. Mobile signal inside is very poor.


Chambers are fitted with white LED lights on motion sensors. There is limited ability to dim or turn off lights.

LED safety lights are fitted throughout tunnel 1. There is limited capacity to dim or turn off lights. 

There is low safety lighting in tunnel 2, with no capacity to dim or turn off these lights.

Hanging and suspending artworks

Due to the nature of the site, there are limitations to suspending artworks. Excessively heavy works may not be permitted. 

Floor-based works/Access requirements

All artworks are to be installed to in a way that allows sufficient space for visitors to enter, exit or move around unimpeded.

Surfaces and environment

Surfaces of the underground tunnels and chambers are uneven. Some chambers and tunnel areas are damp, and during heavy rain can be wet, muddy and subject to new leaks.