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2024 North Sydney Art Prize Finalists

Finalists will be contacted by email with further information. Please check email spam folder if you haven't heard from us by Wednesday 24 January.

Alameddine, Maissa Songs for Sitti: prayers for my grandmother

Bae, Wona & Lawler, Charlie Late

Baird, Luisa Nimburella

Banwell, Ingrid Floraformed

Barker, Lucy Furball

Bell, Alyson Fruits Of The Sea

Booth, Mark Terrain

Burns, Jennifer Cape Don

Chambers, Abby Skip no.6 #2

Chen Chow, Susanna Offloading

Cowell, Elizabeth Traces

Crackpot Studios (Sarah Robertson, Mandie Robertson, Caroline Wright, Bridget Willis)  Transition - Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Crawford, Peter Ghost gum

Cuneo, Gemma A Quiet Australian

Currey-Billyard, Fiona Tides, Salt, and Iron

Davey, Suzanne This Too Shall Pass

de Jong, Michelle Subterranean II

de Mestre, Nicole Scraping by

Dominello, Viola Ball's head

Dorman, Bill All at Sea

Dorman, Bill Outcrop

Dymond, Celia damaged landscape; gunditjmara country

Entangled (Dinah Taprell, Beinda Piggott, Jane Lush) What Lives Beneath

Gageler, Aidan Arsonist's Lullaby

Gervay, Elizabeth & Hoisington, Kit BENEATH OUR FEET (BOF)

Graham, Jody Fall

Green, Jenny Flourish

Griffin, Sylvia Once Were Homes

Guardino, Graziela Pau Brazil - The tree

Guilbert, Lucas Floraison

Guthrie, Maria Luminescence

Haigh, Catherine Conflicted

Hakola, Terhi Nest (Pesa)

Harrop, Lee Priceless

Hayes, Alyson Beneath the surface

Heckels, Vivienne Let us join together and hike with joy

Holdsworth, Di Twenty Thousand Leagues

Hungerford, Jude Tree

Hunt, Adrienne, Garben, Jan & Wackett, Graham An unlikely sighting?

Ingram-Shute, Emryn The Muffled Screams of the Domestic

Jahn, Annelies & Burton-Taylor, Jane Bed Chamber

Keft, Virginia guthara gulgara: gurnta, thalu, bartala (many children: yesterday, today, tomorrow)

Kermany, Bahman The Carpets

Kerr, Hugh Species

Kirk, Anna May Whale Fall

Klinkhamer, Deborah Resonance of Tides

Knowles, Louise Sandstone

Konopka, Korina Cascades

Kyte, Marian Picking Up the Pieces, Vol. 2

Lampert, Sophie Listen, the trees are whispering

Leibbrandt, Jesca Marisa Haunted by Waste

Leung, Pamela Embers Unveiled

Livermore, Brenda Water Sprite

Low, Claire Engkaninan All Monsters Are Real

Mac, Col vanishing point

Mackinnon, Debbie Growing

Mahnken, Dior Bedrock

Malpas, Gabby Space invaders: go back to where you came from

Manser, Lauren Overgrowth

Mason, Tania OdDBirds on Rocks

McEwen, Cathryn Circulation

McKellar, Hannah Anthracite

McLachlan, Juanita Guuma-li maa (gathering five)

McLachlan, Stuart Rising Waters

Milan, Edwardo The Way Forward

Mills, Alexandra Trees

Monk, Victoria Journeys end

Murray & Burgess (Ro Murray & Mandy Burgess) HOLDING...

Nade, Louise Complications

Nolan, Eva King Parrot and Wandering Anemone

O'Regan, Nicole Miner

Pasti, Eleonora Dedicated to: Rosie, Beatrice, Magpie, Blue, Frida, Isolde, Steffi, Louise, Indi, Thelma, Pam, Fern, Priscilla and Silky.

Peachey, Rachel & Mosig, Paul  A sudden katabasis / An accidental witness

Piggott, Belinda Celestial Tapestry

Pratt, Louis Between life and death

Prescott, Russell Coal Loader Wharf

Riddell, Jacqueline Blooms Reimagined 1 and 2

Riley, Kate Mesa

Rowden, Mark After the fire comes life

Seward, Kat I am Bin Chicken

Shteinman, Ruth Sedimentary

Simons, Penny The world is crying out for our Love

Simpson, Christine Dark Matter

Stuerzl, Jennifer Little Tern

Sylvester, Kate V M Within your t-shirt.

Tavener, Janet Walking on Thin Ice

Turier, John Terra Nullius

van der Vegt, Maryellen Flux

Westwood, Luke STATIC

Wishart, Nicholas Lightworks

Yan, Meng-Yu & Kirk, Anna Double Parallax

Yee, Belinda Graphite profile (Harbour 1)

Zu, Tianli Fatal Alert