Parking fines

Penalty infringement notices issued by Council are not placed on offending vehicles.

Penalty notice letters are mailed to the registered owner of an infringed vehicle within three days of the recorded offence.

These letters are issued by Revenue NSW.

The letter provides information to the vehicle owner including how to manage the fine, pay the fine or lodge an appeal. Advice is also provided on how to access photographs to view the alleged offence.

To manage a fine, make a payment, request a review, or to view photographs of the offence, go to Revenue NSW.

You must pay the fine by the due date.

Council does not accept payment of fines. Payment is made to Revenue NSW.

If you believe a fine was incorrectly issued or you are having trouble paying the penalty amount, contact Revenue NSW.

Council Rangers and Parking Officers are trained to assist members of the public with their requests for information and advice.

They cannot withdraw or amend a notice once it has been issued or commenced.

Parking fine amounts are set by legislation administered by Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) and NSW Treasury. Fines are collected by Revenue NSW.


Safe and legal parking tips

  • Read the signs – regulated parking areas are clearly signposted with parking requirements for that area.
  • Be aware of signage change – some timed zones may become Clearways, Transit Lanes or Bus Lanes.
  • Ask a Parking Officer – they give assistance, advice, directions and general information about the North Sydney Council area.
  • Do not stop at any time in a No Stopping area, Clearway or Bus Zone.
  • Only park in a Loading Zone if your vehicle is designed for carrying goods. Sedans are not permitted.
  • Disabled Zones are designated for vehicles with a valid RMS Mobility Parking Scheme permit. This must be displayed clearly on your vehicle.

Do not park within 10 metres of an intersection without traffic lights or 20 metres of an intersection with traffic lights, unless signage indicates otherwise.

Contact Revenue NSW

Address: Revenue NSW
PO Box 786
Strawberry Hills NSW 2012