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Development Application (DA)


A Development Application (DA) is required for alterations and additions, some changes of use of premises, new buildings and all changes proposed to a building in a Conservation Area or a heritage-listed building. DAs may be local, integrated or designated.

Approximate turnaround time: 60 days (or longer, if additional information is required to be submitted by the applicant for assessment, or the application is referred to a councillor inspection, or amended plans are required, or the application needs to be referred to State authorities).

DA Form (603KB)

Commercial & Mixed-use commitment table (102KB) fill-in with DA

DA Fee Calculator (228KB)

DA Fee List (142KB)1

1(Fees are charged to cover the cost of electronically scanning and archiving documents with a view to security, and where Council is required to store and maintain the documents.)


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Pre DA Meeting (fees apply)


This meeting can be chaired by an Assessment Team Leader, a Manager, or an Executive Planner, and attended by appropriate technical advisers on Heritage, Engineering, Landscaping, or the Building Code of Australia (BCA). This pre-application service is available to ALL applicants and ALL meetings attract a fee (see form below for details). Similarly, this also applies to pre-Planning Proposals meetings.

Higher fees are applicable if our Planning and Development Services (PDS) Manager or Director are to attend the meeting. Please consult a Planning Advisor (ph 9936 8100) before lodging your meeting request to determine the appropriate level of service required.

Note: please complete this form before meeting - which will be booked only upon receipt of fees at our Customer Service Centre.

Pre Application meeting form (245KB)


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DA Modification of Consent or Approval


An application to modify a consent or approval granted by Council. Proposed changes must be substantially the same as the original consent or approval granted.

Application to modify a Consent/Approval form (269KB)


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DA Additional Information to Council


This form may be required to be submitted during the DA assessment process. Examples of accompanying documents include: Statement of Environmental Effects, Heritage Impact Statement, SEPP 1 Objections, Shadow Diagrams etc.

Additional Information form (189KB)

The form must be accompanied by the Archiving Fee.

Note: this form is not to be used when submitting Amended Plans to Council, as additional fees may be required for re-advertising, instead please use the Amended Plans form.


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Amended Plans


An amended plan form and applicable fees need to be lodged if you intend to submit, or are required to submit, altered plans during the assessment of a DA.

Amended Plans form (217KB)


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Review of Determination - section 8.2


A Review of Determination (Section 8.2) is an application requesting that Council review its determination of a development application. In accordance with Section 8.10 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979, Section 8.2 Review applications must be determined no later than six (6) months after the date of the determination of the DA. This means that you should lodge your Review application as soon as possible after determination of the DA to ensure Council has adequate time to undertake the review. You cannot make this application if the development is 'designated development' or 'integrated development'. If unsure, contact Council for details.

Your application must include an explanation of why you consider the Council should review its determination of the DA (page 2 of the form, or attach a written statement). In addition, where amendments are proposed pursuant to Section 8.2 of the Act, fully detailed plans and a revised Statement of Environmental effects etc. must be submitted together with this form in accordance with the DA Checklist.

Review of Determination section 8.2 (252KB)


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DA - Integrated Development


Some developments will require integrated development consent from North Sydney Council and one or more approvals under other Acts from State Government Departments and Public Authorities. A list of the types of development which will require approval from another authority, which may be relevant to North Sydney Council, are listed in the information sheet below.

If your application is for Integrated Development, you are required to tick the appropriate boxes on the DA Form.

DA - Integrated Development (26KB)


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Commitment Table - efficient use of Resources


This commitment table is to be completed for all development applications for commercial or mixed use developments that have a non-residential gross floor area less than 5000m2.

DA - Commitment table - Efficient use of Resources (310KB)


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Political Donations & Gifts Disclosure


When applying for a DA, or making a submission to Council regarding a current DA, if you have made a political donation within the last two years or gift to any local councillor or Council employee, then fill in this form, and submit it with your DA, or submission.

Political Donations & Gifts Disclosure form (56KB)

More info: frequently asked questions about this legislation


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Encroachment - Owners Consent Form

(Checklist and Guide only)

Owners consent is required if a portion of, or the whole of a privately owned property encroaches onto Council land. Our Encroachment Management Policy will then apply.

Encroachment - Owners Consent form (47KB)

Checklist and Guide (only) (47KB)


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DA Submission Form


Formal comments in support of, or objection to a DA currently on exhibition must be made in writing and addressed to the General Manager. Submissions should relate directly to the work proposed and its possible impact on surrounding property, or the locality. Please ensure that Council receives all comments by the Expiry Date (usually two weeks after publication in the local paper).

Submit your comments in either of two ways:

Online form: DA Submission form

DA Submission Form (59KB)


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