General Forms

Section 88G Conveyancing Certificate

Exempt Developments

Outstanding Notices Application Form (735A)

Planning Proposals

Section 68 Approvals Required

Section 10.7 Planning Certificate

Shadow Diagrams Certificate Form

Vehicle Access Application Form (and amendment)

Waste Management Plan Form

Conveyancing Certificate (88G)

An 88G Certificate is a certificate issued by Council pursuant to section 88G of the Conveyancing Act 1919. Any person may apply to Council for a certificate under section 88G as to the amount (if any) payable to Council because of a failure to comply with a public positive covenant imposed on land under section 88D or 88E of the Conveyancing Act.

Conveyancing Certificate - section 88G (146KB)


On receipt of the application and after payment of the prescribed fee, Council shall provide to the applicant aurg certificate in writing:

  • (a) stating the amount (if any) payable to the authority because of a failure to comply with a public positive covenant imposed on the land and particulars of how the amount is comprised or that no such amount is payable, or
  • (b) stating particulars of the work (if any) carried out by the authority the cost or part of the cost of which may be recovered by the authority under the covenant or that no such work has been carried out.

Under the terms of section 88G, production of the certificate shall for all purposes be conclusive proof in favour of a purchaser in good faith and for value of the land that, at the time at which the certificate is issued:

  • no amount other than that stated in the certificate was due or payable to the prescribed authority in respect of the land because of any such failure, and
  • no work the cost or part of the cost of which may be recovered by the authority under the covenant other than that the particulars of which are stated in the certificate has been carried out by the authority.

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Exempt Developments

Exempt Developments do not require Forms or Applications

Exempt development does not require the submission of a development application to Council, subject to the development complying with pre-determined criteria established in the Schedule of Exempt Development.

It is the applicant/owner's responsibility to demonstrate that works are "exempt development" if challenged to do so. If in doubt, the owner should seek written advice of the Council, or alternatively lodge a Development Application. Stiff penalties may apply to works that are mistakenly carried out as "exempt development".


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Outstanding Notices Application

Usually requested when a customer is buying a property.

The certificate states whether there are any outstanding notices or orders on the property regarding (eg. in relation to garbage, sewerage, building works, fire safety). Approximate time: 3-5 days, all certificates are lodged online and emailed.

Outstanding Notices Application (176KB)


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Planning Proposals

A Planning Proposal is a document that explains the intended effect of, and justification for, a proposed amendment to a Local Environmental Plan (LEP). The preparation of a planning proposal is the first step in the process of amending an LEP.

Council is ultimately responsible for planning proposals and must be satisfied with their content such that it is prepared to forward them to the Minister for Planning for the next step in the process, being the gateway determination.

All planning proposals should be prepared in accordance with the DPE's LEP Making Guideline.

It is recommended that a meeting be held with Council's Strategic Planning staff prior to lodgement of all Planning Proposals. Such meetings give potential applicants the opportunity to clarify planning issues and processes. Meetings can be arranged by contacting Council's Strategic Planning Department on 9936 8100.

The following form must accompany all Planning Proposals lodged with Council:

Planning Proposal form (478KB)


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Approvals Required under Section 68 of the Local Government Act, 1993

The following items require approval according to Section 68 of the Local Government Act of 1993.

 Section 68 Approval Required


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Section 10.7 Planning Certificate

A Section 10.7 Planning Certificate (replaced s149) is provided by Council and details the zoning of the property and the controls relating to it. It can also be used to indicate special policies that apply in relation to issues such as flooding or landslip. This certificate is usually attached to any contract for the sale of a property. Approximate processing time is 3-5 days, and is usually emailed.

Section 10.7 Planning Certificate (170KB)


Council’s preferred order method is through our online portal, here:

Online - Section 10.7 Planning Certificate


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Shadow Diagrams Certificate

This form is to be used by architects, surveyors and other appropriately qualified persons to certify the accuracy of shadow diagrams submitted in support of applications.

Certification of Shadow Diagrams (131KB)


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Vehicle Access Application

A vehicle access application must be made prior to the provision of any driveway in association with a development approval, or prior to the replacement or improvement of an existing vehicle crossing.

Similar applications must be made prior to the opening of any road, footpath, grass verge or the like.

Vehicle Access Application (345KB)

Vehicle Access Application amendment (164KB)


S101A - Standard vehicle crossing, kerb and guttering detail (216KB)

S101B - Standard vehicle crossing, kerb and guttering detail (125KB)

S102 - Vehicle crossing profiles for a 3.7 metre wide footpath - maximum grades (154KB)

S103 - Concrete dish crossing (154KB)

S105 - Standard Kerb Ramp (135KB)

S109 - Standard sandstone/trachyte kerb and gutter details (158KB)

S510 - Temporary sediment trap (148KB)


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Waste Management Plan

This form may be used in support of an application or to satisfy conditions of a Development Consent which require the nomination of disposal and recycling points for building and demolition materials (waste) arising from the enactment of a Development Consent.

Waste Management Plan Form (180KB)


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