Lost Bird Found

Established in 2014 by North Sydney Council, the Lost Bird Found Project, is a mental health creative arts initiative that aims to encourage conversations and promote connection in the community.

The Lost Bird Found Project invites individuals and groups to create handmade birds that are hidden for people to find and keep!

Attached to the birds is a tag with information on the project and how to access mental health information and support.

Birds, which are a symbol of freedom, hope and wisdom, have been popping up in Spring as part of the Lost Bird Found Project have been spread far and wide, extending beyond North Sydney to the Central Coast and as far as the Sunshine Coast.


Key Dates 2021

September - Oct     Lost Bird Found registrations OPEN

October                   Mental Health Month/Bird Making Workshops

Mid November         Lost Bird Found Launch

November                Birds released to be hidden for people to find and keep 


To get involved...




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For further details contact the Access and Inclusion coordinator, Community Development, 9936 8100 or on Facebook

If you are feeling anxious yourself, know that you are not alone, visit the Mental Health page for details of helpful organisations.

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Posted on 20 September 2021

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