Lost Bird Found

Mental health issues affect one in five Australians...


Mental Health Month is an annual government and services initiative held in October.

It is an opportunity to raise awareness and talk about mental health

The Lost Bird Found Project, is an Arts event run during October (since 2013) when beautiful handmade birds are created and distributed with messages attached. The aim is to encourage conversations about mental illness and make a positive impact on the community.

Attached to each bird is a card with details of the project and links to mental health information and services.


In 2020, the project has been brought forward in response to Covid-19, as now more than ever people are feeling anxious, uncertain and challenged...


How does the project work?

In previous years flocks of handmade birds would be made then hidden in the community for people to find and keep, but in 2020 we're doing things a bit differently.

Rather than hiding the birds for people to find, we are asking you to share your bird with someone you think would enjoy receiving it. It could be a friend, colleague, neighbour or even someone in your own family. Send them a photo of your bird along with a personal message of hope.

You may also wish to hide your bird in your window for passers by to 'find'. When it is safe to do so we will be asking you to hide your bird if you want to for others to find. Only when it is safe to do this according to Health Authorities, then we will let you know when it's time to hide your bird.

But you can share your bird with the Lost Bird Found community now.

If you haven’t already done so like us on Facebook @lostbirdfoundproject and see what other birds people have made.


How to get involved?

 Register here for Lost Bird Found Project



Please contact the Access and Inclusion coordinator, Community Development, 9936 8100 or @lostbirdfoundproject



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