Responsibilities of Pet Owners

Dogs and cats make wonderful companions. They can give you joy, company, comfort and security.

However, they also bring you new responsibilities. As well as caring for your pet, you have legal responsibilities with the ownership of a cat or dog.

As a dog or cat owner, you need to be familiar with the legal requirements of The Companion Animals Act 1998 and the associated regulations.


Caring for your Pet

You need to ensure your pet is healthy and happy by keeping it well nourished, clean and groomed, vaccinated and properly exercised and socialised.

If leaving your pet at home alone, you need to ensure that it has access to water and shade as well as some form of entertainment to keep it occupied during your absence.



Cats are natural hunters and like to stalk and pounce on smaller animals, particularly when nocturnal animals are active. They also like to socialise predominantly at night and a clowder can be a very noisy event.


Cats and Wildlife

If you own a cat, we encourage you to keep it in at night to reduce the chances of it hunting wildlife. Staying in at night also significantly reduces the opportunity for cats to fight, disturb the peace of the community and get injured.


Causing Nuisance

Council receives many complaints about cats, from defecating in neighbours gardens to wandering into other peoples homes.

A cat can be declared to be a nuisance if it persistently disturbs the peace of the neighbourhood, damages property outside the property at which it is kept, or if it is continually found in wildlife protection areas.

Once declared to be a nuisance cat, fines will apply to any further disturbances or damage caused.

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