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A varied and engaging exhibition program is presented here by our Arts and Culture team.

The program is based on existing arts and cultural activities, and by invitation to local artists or community groups from across our region.


Current Exhibition



Bushcare volunteers amateur photographic exhibition 

17 Jan - 27 Feb 2018 

Snap to It is an annual photo competition for Council's Bushcare, Streets Alive and Harbourcare Volunteers. It was initiated in 2008 to encourage community participation in the Bushcare program and to foster an interest in our local natural environment.

This year there were approximately 40 entries in the three categories; Community, Contrast and Critters.

The winners were chosen and awarded prizes by Mayor Jilly Gibson at the Bushcare & Streets Alive Volunteer Christmas party. The Mayors Choice entries have been specially presented in four backlit displays.

Snap to It competition submissions are a useful resource for Council as they are stored in a photographic library for the promotion of our volunteer programs as well as providing engaging content for the Bushcare Events Calendar.


If you would like to become part of North Sydney Council’s environmental volunteer programs, call 9936 8100 or email



Upcoming Exhibition


Part of THE RED PROJECT  - Celebrating Creative Women in North Sydney
1 March – 8 April


Exhibiting artists: Nazanin Marashian, Sepideh Farzam, Farina Salehi, Azadeh Yaghoubi, Negin Chahoud.

This exhibition brings together 5 artists from the Iranian Women Visual Artists Collective - Australia.

The work deeply references the elements and our innate nature as women. Drawing on the Goddess energy of Anahita, her beauty, sovereignty, strength and power as giver of life, the IWVAC-Australia artists have developed a collaborative single artwork inspired by a collective journey to the realm of the Goddess. Each artist will also respond individually to this theme within their own practice and incorporate printmaking, acrylic & oil painting and mixed media collage. 


Previous Exhibitions


Aftertaste - An exhibition of Street Photography

5 December - 15 January 2018

Aftertaste is a group exhibition of images by five street photographers. Their aim is to create pictures that linger in the mind. Established fine art photographer, mentor and casual academic Lynn Smith presents Aftertaste in conjunction with four collaborators: Catherine Gilbert, Martin Smith (no relation), Mark Penny and Shawn Sijnstra. When describing the exhibition, Lynn Smith states that "a fine art photograph should reward the patient viewer, revealing a little more of itself each time you glance at it. The 18 images in Aftertaste were chosen for their ability to do this."


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