Parking Meters on Public Holidays

Parking on public holidays in the North Sydney Local Government Area

Parking fees and restrictions apply on public holidays in two instances. These are:

  1. When parking signs do not state days of the week, and

  2. when a sign states “and public holidays”.

These restrictions apply on public holidays in medium-to-high-demand parking areas in the suburbs and streets listed below.

The reason for this is to increase parking turnover and ensure parking is appropriately managed on public holidays.

Drivers must check signs carefully when parking on a public holiday and adhere to the restrictions and fees if required.

Please be aware of special clearways or road closures for special events.


Public Holiday Parking

Milsons Point

  • Alfred St South – between Olympic Drive and Burton Street & between Lavender and Cliff streets

  • Burton St between Alfred Street South and Broughton Street

  • Cliff Street – northern side of Cliff Street, closest to Alfred Street South

  • Dind Street – between Alfred Street South and Glen Street

  • Fitzroy Street – between Alfred St South and Broughton St (both sides)

  • Glen Street – between Dind Street and Alfred Street South

  • Harbourview Street – between Lavender Street and the cul-de-sac

  • Lavender Street – between Harbourview and Alfred Street South

  • Northcliff Street – between Dind and Paul streets



  • Broughton Street – eastern side between McDougall and Willoughby streets

  • Broughton Street – between Kirribilli Avenue and Jeffery Street Wharf

  • Olympic Drive – between Alfred Street South and Broughton Street


Crows Nest

  • Albany Street – between Willoughby Road and Hume Street

  • Clarke Street – between Willoughby Road and Hume Street

  • Holtermann Street – between Willoughby Road and Alexander Street

  • Willoughby Road – between the Pacific Highway and Albany Street

  • Willoughby Lane – between Holtermann and Ernest streets


Council Resolution

In accordance with Council’s resolution on 15 December 2014, and as recommended by the Traffic Committee on 28 November 2014:

THAT Council investigates appropriate locations and amend the parking restrictions, including parking meter areas that are in medium to high parking demand areas, to include the wording “including Public Holidays”, with a report to the next available Traffic Committee meeting that includes a list of the areas where the parking changes have occurred.

Note that some signs will include “and public holidays”, while other signs will be simplified by removing all days of the week to infer the same message. For more details, see the Australian Road Rules for New South Wales, rule 318 (3).