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Rates, Locations, Guidelines

We use one type of parking meter - the Pay & Go meter.

All North Sydney meters accept payment by coin, credit card (Visa and MasterCard only) and mobile phone.

Parking meters - locations and rates (807KB)


Meter Rates

In the North Sydney Council area, parking meter rates vary depending on the time of the day and the parking demand. Daytime parking hours are 8.30am - 6pm and evening parking hours are from 6pm up to 12am midnight.

Data gathered from regular traffic studies and parking surveys have enabled Council to determine three "Parking Demand Areas" within the parking meter zones. The Parking Demand areas are:

  1. High - North Sydney CBD and Alfred Street South (Fitzroy Street to the Harbour Bridge)
  2. Medium - North Sydney CBD shoulder area; Crows Nest, St Leonards, Milsons Point and Kirribilli areas.
  3. Low - Fringe areas.

Parking Meter Rates for 2021-2022

Parking Demand Areas Daytime Evening
Rate/hour Rate/hour
HIGH $8.00 $4.10
MEDIUM $6.10 $3.80
LOW $3.50 $2.50


Parking for periods of less than 1 hour is available at a pro rata rate.

Fees and charges was adopted by Council on 28 June 2021 (incl. GST)


Parking Meters on Public Holidays

Fees apply to some parking meters on public holidays.


Regulations and Guidelines

Before using a parking meter you should always check parking signs located close to all meters to confirm parking hours in the area. Street signs take priority over parking information displayed on meters (for example, in the event of Special Event Clearways and road closures).

The following regulations outline the rules for parking in NSW

  1. The Australian Road Rules 2014
  2. The Road Transport (General) Regulation 2013 - parts 5-7


Mobility Parking Scheme

Vehicles displaying a Mobility Parking Scheme permit can park in paid parking areas without paying for parking, for more information visit Mobility Parking Scheme, RMS website.

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