Recycling & Clean Ups

Community Recycling Centre

Dispose of problem waste that doesn't go in the weekly bins.

A-Z Waste & Recycling

What you can recycle... and where!


Take e-waste to the local Community Recycling Centre, or these other services.

Return and Earn

NSW container-deposit scheme, the refunds, and where to take items.

Graffiti Clean Up

Free graffiti removal from private and Council property in our area.

Green Cleaning, Composting, Worm Farming

Handy guides to help you get started are available to download now....

Compost Revolution

Join the Compost Revolution - take the tutorials - earn a worm (or two), or discount compost bin!

Waste Avoidance

Avoid creating waste to begin with - rehome it!

Medical Sharps

Six chemists in our area accept medical sharps for disposal, details here.

Chemical CleanOuts

Dispose of household hazardous chemical waste the right way FREE during the year...

Can you afford $4000

Don’t dump it - Book it. Illegal dumping is a crime with fines of up to $4000.