Apply for a Resident Parking Permit

Find your resident parking zone

The North Sydney Council Local Government Area is divided into three resident parking zones (A, B, C) based on demand for parking in these areas.

The three zones are then further subdivided into 33 Resident Parking Areas.

Your parking entitlement is governed by the area your residence is situated within and your permit is only valid for this area.

Check parking signs in your area to ensure they state ‘Resident Vehicles Excepted - Area #’. If the area on your permit is the same as that on the sign, and you are legally parked, then your vehicle may park there indefinitely.

Find your Resident Parking Zone on the map below by using the below color key or clicking on the area you live in to see what zone it is in:

Zone A  
Zone B  
Zone C  


Alternatively, download a PDF of the three zones or 33 Resident Parking Areas.