Apply for a Resident Parking Permit

Ineligibility for resident parking permits

Additional permits will not be issued.

Council policy aims to deal fairly with all residents. The number of permits issued cannot exceed the amount of actual available on-street parking. Limits are set and adhered to.

Please note the following terms and conditions which may mean you are ineligible for a parking permit:

Ineligible vehicles

Permits are not supplied to caravans, box trailers or boat trailers. The vehicle must not exceed three tonnes.

Oversized vehicles

If an off-street parking space is deemed suitable for a small vehicle, any appeals based on vehicle size will be denied. 

Landlords and Resident Parking Permit

Landlords are not entitled to resident parking, only the resident of the dwelling.

Tenants without access to the available off-street parking space

If a landlord does not make the parking space available to a tenant, the tenant is not entitled to an additional Resident Parking Permit. Tenants, owners and real estate agents should be aware of this when dealing with a rental property. They should be encouraged to make parking spaces at the property available to tenants for their use.

Business owners

Resident Parking Permits are only for residential dwellings and cannot be issued to anyone who does not reside permanently within the North Sydney Council area.

Parking for residential visitors

Each property is entitled to purchase 30 Visitor Parking Permits a year. Each permit is valid for one day. They can only be used in the same parking area as a standard Resident Parking Permit.

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