Traffic & Pedestrian Study

Adoption of Study 

The recommendations of the study were adopted post-exhibition by Council at its meeting of 16 March 2015.



The timing for implementation of recommendations will vary significantly, based on a number of factors. These include the need for further approvals from Council's Traffic Committee or State authority approval, and the possible incorporation of recommendations into existing or planned projects or works. Council will undertake regular reviews of the study to track implementation.


Public Domain Review

Council engaged placemaking and urban design consultancy Place Partners to undertake the Public Domain Review. The Review audited North Sydney CBD's public domain and included advice and recommendations for improving the physical environment and pedestrian experience in the Centre.



On 17 November 2014, North Sydney Council resolved to place the ‘North Sydney CBD Traffic and Pedestrian Study’ on public exhibition. The Study was completed by the transport consultants ARUP and is one of the key projects of the North Sydney CBD Review. The Review is aimed at strengthening and revitalising the North Sydney CBD.


Public Exhibition

The public exhibition (2015) documents are as follows:

Traffic Study (15MB)

Council Report (918KB)

Traffic Map - pedestrian works (1MB)

Traffic Map - Traffic works  (1MB)

Recommendations of the Study

ARUP undertook a detailed transport planning analysis of the existing transport network and travel behaviour in North Sydney, making recommendations for improvement.

The recommendations of the study are focused on prioritising pedestrians in the North Sydney CBD by improving connectivity, amenity and mobility. The recommendations include a range of initiatives such as:

  • New mid-block pedestrian crossings;
  • Works associated with the upgrade of Miller Street;
  • Changes in traffic operation on the Pacific Highway;
  • Opportunities for shared zones;
  • Footpath widening; and
  • Location of new taxi ranks.

In conjunction with public domain upgrades, the traffic/pedestrian works will create a more inviting environment in the North Sydney CBD.