Road Safety

Child Restraint Checking Days

Saturday, 08 February 2020
FREE checkup to ensure the kids are in the right car seat restraints.

Safety Around Schools

We partner with schools and neighbour Councils to improve school zone parking, traffic flow and behaviour.

Road Safety Calendar

The 2020 calendar is now available, pick up a free copy...


It's Local It's 50! Our cross-Councils retro-style speeding campaign.

Pedestrian Safety

See the "Take a Look Around" ballad rap, and check the safety stats in our area.

Safer Driving for Seniors

Friday, 14 February 2020
Free workshop to address concerns and get your questions answered.

Be Truck Aware

The importance of taking extra care around trucks...

Drink Driving

To avoid drink driving - have a plan B for your trip home...

Driver Fatigue

Know the warning signs before fatigue-related accidents, and how to be better prepared.

Driver Distraction

Visit the RMS website (external) on safe-driving free from distractions.

Motorcycles Ride to Live

Tips, campaigns, and statistics on safety for motorcyclists.

North Sydney Crash Analysis Report

Identifies trends and summarises further action over problem areas...