Volunteer with Council

You can apply to be a volunteer at Council through our online form:

Volunteer application form


Council offers the following volunteer opportunities on an ongoing basis...


Coal Loader Centre for Sustainability

Volunteers opportunities include the community garden as well as office administration. For more information phone 9936 8100.


Historical Services

Don Bank Museum
Managed by the Historical Services Section of Stanton Library. Volunteers welcome visitors and provide guided tours of the house. For more information phone 9936 8400 or email library@northsydney.nsw.gov.au.

Sextons Cottage Museum
Assisting visitors with family history enquiries, using burial records and archive material. For more information phone 9936 8400 or library@northsydney.nsw.gov.au.


Library Services

Stanton Library also offers a Home Library Service to deliver books and audio/visual material to housebound people. Stanton Library offers a Justice of the Peace service to the public and requires qualified volunteers for this. For more information phone 9936 8400 or email library@northsydney.nsw.gov.au


Outdoor Volunteering

Aboriginal Heritage Office
Monitor Aboriginal Heritage sites for damage and re-record site details. No experience necessary and training is provided. For more information phone 9976 1509 for further details or visit www.aboriginalheritage.org

Adopt a Plot
Volunteers are teamed with a qualified bush regenerator to care for a "plot", requiring three hours commitment per month. For more information phone 9936 8100 or click here.

Rehabilitation is needed for publicly owned natural bushland in the North Sydney area. For more information phone 9936 8100 and ask for the Bushcare Officer, email council@northsydney.nsw.gov.au or click here.

Community Gardens

Varied groups in various spots, grow with a group - click here for info!

Is a group of volunteers who clean up North Sydney's harbour beaches and remove rubbish that accumulates from the harbour. For more information phone 9936 8100 or click here.

National Tree Day
Help beautify our area's natural environment by volunteering on National Tree Day, generally held in July. For more information phone 9936 8100 or check our Events section

Native Havens
Enables residents to use local indigenous plants in their gardens. For more information phone 9936 8100 or click here.

Streets Alive Program
Help maintain public gardens near or adjacent to your property with help and support from North Sydney Council. For more information phone 9936 8248 or view the Streets Alive Program page.


North Sydney Youth Volunteers

North Sydney Council encourages young people to be involved in volunteering in the community. For further details go to the North Sydney Youth Volunteers page.