Get Involved


Join an environmental group close to you or see what workshops are on offer.

Green Events

Wonderful workshops and green goings-on - join in!

Streets Alive

Meet in your local area to work on improving the natural environment in an urban setting.

Community Gardens

Grow your own... fruit, herbs, flowers, vegetables... and grow with the group!

Sustainability Champions

Once a year you can nominate those who make a difference to our local environment.

Harvest Collective North Sydney

Herbs and veggies? Grow your own! Join the collective...


Our beautiful beaches... need constant cleaning, volunteer with like-minded individuals.

Futureproofing Apartments

Free energy program: register, assess, $ave (plus view presentations full of ideas).

Garden Competition

Have a look at the winning gardens and presentations.

Sydney Library of Things

New library: borrow things you might need, but not necessarily need to buy.