Find Legal Answers

Find Legal Answers is a free legal information service for the community of NSW. Information is provided to the community via the Find Legal Answers website and the Tool Kit collection held in NSW public libraries. 


Find Legal Answers online

Find Legal Answers Online helps you get started with your legal research in the following subjects:

  • Family, relationships and children
  • Neighbours, housing and the environment
  • Wills and estates
  • Police and crime
  • Fines, debt and money
  • Courts and the legal system
  • Work and employment
  • Cars and driving
  • Consumers, business and media law
  • Government and rights
  • Accidents, compensation and insurance
  • Health and ageing


Find Legal Answers tool kit

The Find Legal Answers Tool Kit is a collection of plain language books at your local library which answer everyday questions about the law.

Subjects include renting, wills and estates, family law, drink driving, facing a criminal charge in court, neighbours and the law, bankruptcy, debt and credit problems and consumer law.



AustLII (Australian Legal Institute) provides access to: legislation (Commonwealth and States), treaties, decisions of courts and tribunals, law reform and Royal Commission reports, Federal Courts (High Court, Family Court, etc.)


Do you need further assistance?

Use the Find Legal Answers Free Advice Guide to find out where to go for free legal advice and assistance.