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Make Your Move 

Travel guides for active school children: swap the car for a healthier way of travelling to school.

Anzac Park Public School map (422KB)

Neutral Bay Public School map (417KB)


What is Make Your Move?

'Make Your Move' is a program to encourage students to add activity to their day by walking, scooting, skating or riding to school. The program includes a map showing preferred routes to school, footpath markings showing distances to school, and a competition to encourage participation.


Make Your Move Passport

Each student will be given their own 'Make Your Move' travel passport. Students can get their passport stamped every time they walk, ride, skate or scoot to school and then add the distance to the 'Move Across Australia' maps at their school.


Gat Active, Moving, Involved

Active travel can be for the whole trip to school, or part of the journey. For example, instead of driving all the way to school. parents might want to park 500 metres away and take the rest of this trip with students.


Why Walk, Ride, Scoot or Skate to School?

Making 'active travel' part of everyday trips makes a big difference to health and wellbeing. Regular activity as part of everyday travel can even be better for your health than organised sports or activities. Students who use active travel to get to school are more alert and find it easier to focus in class.

Active travel is also a great way to get out and about to see things in your local area and build a sense of community. The trip provides a great opportunity to interact with family and friends and students will learn valuable life skills (like crossing the road) along the way.

Using active travel is also good for the environment. Less cars mean less pollution and noise, and fewer traffic jams around school.