Submitting a Development Application (DA)

DA cost summary

When you lodge a development applciation you need to provide a cost summary report, this document must be uploaded to the portal with your submission.

Prepare a cost summary report

Download the report below and fill out the appropriate form based on the cost of works. Further details on what costs must be included are contained within the reports.

  • $0 to $150,000: A cost summary report prepared by the applicant or a suitably qualified person.
  • $150,000 to $3 million: A cost summary report prepared by a suitably qualified person.
  • Over $3 million: A certified quantity surveyor’s detailed cost report verifying the cost.

DA cost summary reports


Suitably qualified persons

The following people are recognised as suitably qualified persons:

  • Builder licensed to undertake the proposed building works
  • Certified quantity surveyor
  • Registered land surveyor
  • Registered architect
  • Practising qualified building estimator
  • Qualified and accredited building designer