Submitting a Development Application (DA)

Next steps after DA lodgement

After lodgement in the NSW Planning Portal, your DA will be forwarded to Council for review:

  1. Your DA will be checked for accuracy and completeness in line with the DA Checklist.
  2. You will be contacted by Council staff if additional information is required to assess your DA. You will need to submit an Additional Information form through the NSW Planning Portal and pay the associated archiving fee. 
  3. If your application is considered appropriate for processing, you will be invoiced for the appropriate DA fees.
  4. Once you've paid the full DA fees and received a receipt by email, your DA is considered formally lodged.

Processing times vary with the type of DA, its lodgement date and the issues that it presents. Extended turnaround times will apply in the case of additional information and/or amended plans being required. Further delays can be anticipated if applications require renotification or referral to an external panel.