Submitting a Development Application (DA)

Public exhibition of a DA

All DAs are listed on our Application Tracker.

Once a DA is completed and lodged, it will be advertised in accordance with Council's Community Engagement Protocol, which may include:

  • notifying adjoining neighbours or persons likely to be affected
  • additional advertising on Council's website
  • referral to the local Precinct Committee for comment
  • advertising locally by a sign placed on the street frontage of the property.

The application will be advertised for a 14-day period, during which time Council will accept submissions from the public. Some works, such as internal works, will not require any advertising or for neighbours to be notified.

A Council Planning Officer assigned to the DA will decide:

  • whether the proposal adheres to Council's planning controls
  • if the plans should be amended
  • whether to recommend Council's approval of the application.

Submissions on the development are considered during this stage.

Some larger applications, such as residential flat buildings (apartments) or applications that attract more than 10 submissions, will take more time to process. 

Applications will be referred for external assessment when there is a potential for a perceived or real conflict of interest arising from an individual's (or company's) association with North Sydney Council. Examples include:

  • an individual is a Councillor or a staff member
  • a company is a business partner or contractor to Council
  • the property is owned by Council
  • there is potential for the perception of bias
  • the Council stands to benefit in material or non-material terms through the approval of the proposal.

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