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Finding information on our website

A lot of our Council information is available online, including our policies, masterplans and strategies, which can all be found in our digital directory.

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Key policies and information that can be found in the directory and elsewhere include:

Councillors and Council meetings

Committees and Reference Groups meetings


  • Declarations of Candidate's Campaign and Political Donations can be found via the Electoral Commission NSW. Alternatively, you can request a copy from Council. Personal information, such as signatures and home address numbers, are redacted.

Integrated planning documents

  • Community Strategic Plan - sets out Council's overarching and long-term vision, priorities and aspirations for North Sydney. 
  • Delivery Program - outlines the actions Council will undertake during its electoral term to contribute to the long-term strategies and desired outcomes of the Community Strategic Plan.
  • Operational Plan - Council’s action plan for achieving the community priorities outlined in the Community Strategic Plan and the Delivery Program.
  • Resourcing Strategy - outlines our long-term financial planning, long-term asset management planning, and medium-term workforce management planning.
  • Our Annual Reports - document the performance of Council against the objectives in the North Sydney Community Strategic Plan and the actions identified in the Delivery Program and Operational Plan.
  • Our Financial Statements - set out the financial performance, financial position and cash flows of Council.
  • End of Term Council Reports - details the progress made in implementing our Community Strategic Plan at the end of each elected term of Council.

Council management 

Planning and development

Staff and employment

Inspections, notices and orders

Our privacy policies are also available online.