Sustainable Transport Reference Group

2024 meeting dates

Meetings are held at the Ros Crichton Pavilion at 200 Miller Street, North Sydney.

  • 5 March at 5.30pm
  • 14 May at 7pm
  • 3 September at 5.30pm

The Sustainable Transport Reference Group, consisting of one councillor and three citizens, aims to:

  • promote public, active and alternative transport modes to reduce the reliance on private vehicle use in and through the North Sydney local government area
  • consider sustainable transport options in the context of North Sydney’s status as a key access point to the Sydney Harbour Bridge
  • provide a forum to consider alternative sustainable transport options with a view to:
    • promoting all forms of sustainable transport, including but not limited to, public transport, walking, cycling, car pooling and car share
    • providing advice and recommendations on sustainable transport management in the North Sydney local government area, with a specific focus on sustainable transport priorities contained within Council’s key policy documents, corporate planning documents and environmental sustainability
    • coordinating community input with that of other key organisations involved in sustainable transport management
    • assisting with the monitoring and review of programs, projects and initiatives that lead to improved and sustainable transport management in accordance with best practice
    • providing input on engineering, enforcement, encouragement and education initiatives related to all facets of sustainable transport within North Sydney and its neighbours
    • raising awareness in the community about sustainable transport options
    • assisting Council to improve environmental sustainability
  • work with the Police, Roads and Maritime Services (RMS), public transport authorities, local stakeholder groups (including but not limited to pedestrian and bicycle groups) and Council, to facilitate a collaborative approach to improving sustainable transport facilities and promoting sustainable transport options at a community/local level
  • assist with the development of sustainable transport strategies that encourages the use of public and alternative modes of transport
  • assist with the development of strategies that increase connectivity between active transport options (such as walking and cycling) and other modes of transport (including public transport)
  • assist Council in meeting its sustainable transport objectives under its various plans and policies (including the Community Strategic Plan, North Sydney Council Sustainable Transport Action Plan and Greenhouse Action Plan).

Address a Reference Group

All Reference Group meetings are open to the public. To address a Reference Group, contact the Governance Coordinator by 12pm on the day of the meeting. Copies of agendas are available online, at the Customer Service Centre, or Stanton Library from the Friday prior to the scheduled meeting. Reference Group meetings and recommendations are reported to the next Council meeting for endorsement.

Telephone: 02 9936 8100

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