DA Consent What Next?

Six Steps After DA Consent

  1. You must get a Construction Certificate
    You can get a Construction Certificate either from Council or a Private Certifier. (A listing of Private Certifiers can be found at the Department of Planning (DOP) website or by telephoning 1300 305 695
  2. You must appoint a Principle Certifying Authority (PCA)
    You can appoint either Council or a Private Certifier as your PCA (refer to the form in your Approval Kit). If you wish to use Council as your PCA we can fax a quote to you listing the required inspections and associated fees.
  3. You must lodge the PCA Form with Council
    This form must be submitted to Council two days prior to commencement of work (even if Council is not your PCA), notifying us that you intend to commence works, and if you are using Council as your PCA, a signed acknowledgement must be returned to you.
  4. You must get the Development inspected at each nominated stage of the construction (details on your DA Consent)
    These inspections must be conducted by your nominated PCA. Each stage or component must be inspected and accepted as satisfactory before you proceed with the next stage. Failure to have these stages or components inspected (and the necessary certificates available to Council) may render yourself liable to legal proceedings and may result in Council refusing to issue a Building Certificate or allow the occupation or use of the completed building. If Council is your nominated PCA, 2 days notice is required before each inspection.
  5. You must get a final inspection
    A final inspection is required before you occupy a building. It is important that the requested progress inspections have been conducted to ensure that the final inspection is processed in an efficient and timely manner. Most importantly, the completed works must be in accordance with the consent otherwise the granting of occupancy will be delayed. On the spot penalties apply for non-compliance with the development consent, including failure to obtain progress or final inspections.
  6. You must get an Occupation Certificate
    Pursuant to clause 109M of the EP&A Act, a person must not commence occupation or use of the whole or any part of a "new building" ("new building" includes an altered portion of, or an extension to, an existing building) unless an Occupation Certificate has been issued in relation to the building or part. If Council is nominated as the PCA a separate application must be lodged for an Occupation Certificate. Fees apply in accordance with Council fees and charges.

If Council is your PCA

You must book your inspections by calling us on 9936 8100, 9am - 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Two (2) working days notice must be given for all inspections.

When ordering an inspection through Council, please give these details:

  1. the date the inspection is required (note: 2 days notice)
  2. your name and telephone number (in case we need to contact you)
  3. the DA number or Compliance Certificate number
  4. the address of the project (house number, street, suburb)
  5. the type of building (indicate if a new dwelling, additions, tennis court, swimming pool etc)
  6. the type of inspection required (indicate stage or component of building).

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