The DA Process

From January 1, 2021 the NSW Government has mandated that all development related applications (DA, CC, CDC. Subdivision etc) Must be lodged via the NSW Planning Portal.


This is an online tool which allows the lodgement of application forms and supporting information and plans. Applications for development related matters can no longer be made to Council.

Applicants will need to create an online account to lodge applications.

Please refer to the Planning Portal website for further information and FAQ, or watch this video where Council staff explain this change in process.


North Sydney Council is currently reviewing the information on our website to reflect the new arrangements and we ask your patience while this transition is underway.


Development Application Process

From 1 January 2021, all development applications and planning-related applications must be lodged through the NSW Planning Portal. This applies to:

  • Development Applications (DA)

  • Section 4.55 Modification Applications

  • Section 8.2 Review of Determinations

  • Complying Development Certificates (CDC)

  • Construction Certificates (CC)

  • Occupation Certificates (OC)

  • Subdivision Certificates

  • Private Certifier Appointment (PCA)


Preparing your DA

Step 1 - Read Council’s DA process (this) webpage including the DA application form, DA checklist.

Step 2 - Book a Pre-DA meeting (if required) to discuss your DA with a North Sydney Council planner.

Step 3 - Appoint an architect or draftsperson to draw up your DA, and to check it meets the local planning controls.

Step 4 - Provide a PDF of all required plans and documents, Statement of Environmental Effects and obtain landowner's consent in-line with the DA checklist and Declaration (353KB).

Step 5 - Lodge it all through the NSW Planning Portal (see steps below).

Step 6 - You will be advised by return if your application has been accepted or rejected and any applicable fees. The application is formally accepted upon payment of fees.


It is your responsibility to provide all required information with enough detail for a decision to be made, which will save you time and money. 


Submitting your DA through the NSW Planning Portal

Step 1 - Register for a NSW Planning Portal account

Step 2 - Ensure that you know the lot and DP number of your property by searching the relevant database.

 Failure to provide the correct Lot and DP information may mean that your application is delayed or returned to you for completion.

Step 3 - Log in and complete your Development Application online. DA documents including plans must be provided in PDF format.

Step 4 - Upload the DA Checklist and Declaration (353KB) and the required PDF documents and plans. Check that you submit all required documents as set out in the DA checklist.

Step 5 - Once you receive an acknowledgement and your PAN number, you can use this to check the status of your application.


Note: Application processing does not commence until you are advised your application is accepted and the appropriate fees are paid.

If you have trouble using the Online DA Service, please contact the ePlanning support team at:


DA Lodgement check by Council

After lodgement in the Planning Portal your DA will be forwarded to the relevant Council for review.

Step 1 - Completeness Check - Your DA will be checked for accuracy and completeness in line with the Council DA Checklist.

Step 2 - Additional Information - You will be contacted by Council staff if additional information is required to assess your development application. You will be asked to submit this through the Planning Portal.

Step 3 - Pay your DA fee - If your application is considered appropriate for processing, you will be advised of the appropriate fees.


Fees are calculated based on the estimated costs of development, and the number of lots (in the case of subdivision).

To assist with project budgeting, refer to our DA Fee Calculator (263KB)

Council will email you an invoice for the DA fees.

Once you've paid the full DA fees and received a receipt by email, your DA is considered formally lodged.