Plans of Management

Social & Cultural Plans

Strategies to meet the challenges of our changing demographics.

Stanton Library Strategic Plan

Plans for the future of Stanton Library and Historical Services 2016-2021.

Parks & Reserves Management

Generic and geographic Management Plans, and the Open Space Provision Strategy here.

Plans of Management for Crown Land

We are to prepare new plans, and consulting now, please help guide the process...

Foreshore & Waterways

Water recreation is a great part of living in North Sydney, but with popularity comes demand - which must be managed.

Sustainability Policies & Plans

Council has developed associated policies and plans that will ensure the vision of the Community Strategic Plan is achieved.

Managing Trees in North Sydney

Find out how we manage public and private trees in our area...

Bushland Rehab Plans

Our plans consider the broad issues involved and suggest processes to manage the threats.

Aboriginal Heritage

A joint initiative by multiple Councils to protect Aboriginal Heritage in our areas.


Addresses our planned, systematic and strategic approach to the retention and disposal of digital data and records.

Privacy Management Plan

This plan provides an outline of how Council observes and adheres to relevant privacy legislation.

Equal Employment Opportunity

Our EEO and Workplace Adjustments policies aim to eliminate discrimination and barriers to working here.

Delegations of Authority

Council grants the delegations of the General Manager, the Mayor, and Committees.

Asset Management Plans

Community infrastructure assets under Council care, and how we manage them.