Asset Management Plans

Council has a significant portfolio of community infrastructure assets under its care and control, on land and below the waterline.


Accounting and planning for all of the existing assets under its ownership, and any new asset solutions proposed in the Community Strategic Plan and Delivery Program is the:

Asset Management Strategy (4MB)

This Asset Management Strategy is then underpinned by this Council policy:

Asset Management Policy (124KB)

All the sub-plans known as Asset Management Plans (per asset class) identify all built assets under Council ownership - and outline risk management strategies for them.

In accordance with statutory Integrated Planning and Reporting (IPR) requirements, Council has prepared Asset Management Plans, per asset class as follows:

Bus Shelters (2MB)

Fences (4MB)

Footpaths (4MB)

Kerb and Gutter (5MB)

Marine Structures (2MB)

Property (2MB)

Public Lighting (2MB)

Retaining Walls (2MB)

Roads (5MB)

Seawalls (4MB)

Stormwater Drainage & GPTs (6MB)

Traffic Facilities (6MB)


For more information or hard copies of these documents please contact the North Sydney Council Assets Manager on 9936 8100.