Plans of Management for Crown Land

Council is preparing a new suite of PoMs that address Crown reserves to meet our obligations under the Crown Land Management Act 2016 (CLM Act).


You can see all the new draft PoMs currently on public exhibition here on our Your Say homepage.


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Timeframe and Implications for Council

Completion of compliant PoMs addressing Crown land is required by 30 June 2021. However, this deadline is currently being reviewed by the NSW government.


Keeping the Community Informed

When each new draft PoM is complete, public exhibition will occur and community comment will be sought. All feedback will be reported to Council and appropriate amendments based on this feedback will be made prior to adopting the final PoM.


Background Information & Supporting Documents

The North Sydney Council area has over 30 Crown reserves. This land is owned by the NSW Government and has been reserved from private sale for various purposes including public recreation and environmental purposes.  

The CLM Act which came into force in July 2018 imposes various requirements on Council’s including a requirement that councils adopt PoMs for all Crown reserves for which they are appointed Crown land manager and that are classified as community land under the Local Government Act 1993 (LG Act).

The CLM Act introduces specific new requirements which make all NSW council’s current PoMs which incorporate Crown land non-compliant. Of Council’s existing PoMs, only 3 are unaffected by the CLM Act, as they do not include Crown land:

  • St Thomas’ Rest Park PoM

  • Bradfield Park PoM

  • North Sydney Oval PoM

To meet our obligations under the CLM Act, we are preparing a new suite of PoMs that address all Crown reserves in North Sydney. Some of the required PoMs will replace existing Council PoMs while one will be entirely new. Some of the new PoMs will cover multiple open space areas, others will address just one park or reserve.

Replacement PoMs will be prepared for:

  • St Leonards Park (significant area)

  • Neighbourhood Parks (generic)

  • Bushland (generic)

  • Cremorne Reserve (significant area)

  • Playgrounds (generic)

  • Sportsgrounds (generic)

  • Foreshore Parks & Reserves (generic)

An entirely new PoM will be prepared for:

  • Waverton Peninsula Reserve (comprising Carradah Park and the Coal Loader Centre for Sustainability)


The PoMs listed above are in the anticipated order of preparation.


Related Documents

Council Report 29 October 2018 - OSE01 New Crown Land Management Act 2016 - Information and Implications for North Sydney Council (1.71 MB) (pdf)