Parks & Reserves Management

Plans of Management (PoM) are strategic documents that guide the use, development and management of all public open space owned by Council or under its control.

They identify land management issues, sets out objectives, identify and prioritise required works and actions and nominate performance indicators.

The PoMs below have been prepared in accordance with the Local Government Act 1993 (LG Act).

They comprise both generic PoMs (incorporating various parks and reserves with similar characteristics and/or uses), and significant area PoMs (prepared for some of our most significant parks).


Generic Plans of Management

Bushland (3MB)

Foreshore Parks and Reserves (1MB)

Neighbourhood Parks (4MB)

Playgrounds (4MB)

Sportsgrounds (2MB)


Significant Area Plans of Management

Anderson Park (86MB)

Bradfield Park (574KB)

Cremorne Reserve (2MB)

Forsyth Park (2MB)

North Sydney Oval (2MB)

Smoothey Park (2MB)

St Leonards Park (1MB)

St Thomas Rest Park (3MB)

Tunks Park (75MB)

The Crown Land Management Act 2016 (CLM Act) requires Councils to prepare new PoMs for all Crown reserves under their management. Find out more about our Crown Land PoMs here.


Other Management Documents for Open Space

North Sydney Recreation Needs Study 2015

Recreation Needs Study 2015 (5MB)

Recreation Needs Study 2015 supporting document (1MB)

Open Space Provision Strategy

Open Space Provision Strategy (6MB)

Playgrounds Methodology 

Playgrounds Methodology (534KB)  

St Leonards Park Conservation Plan 2013

St Leonards Park - Conservation Management Plan (12MB)


Other Management Documents for Parks

Pesticide Use Notification Plan

Pesticide Use Notification Plan (214KB)

The New South Wales Pesticides Regulation 1995 requires public authorities such as Council to prepare a Pesticide Use Notification Plan that outlines how we will notify the community of pesticide applications made to public places, as above.

The Plan describes:

  • What public places are covered by the plan;
  • who regularly uses these public places and an estimate of the level of use;
  • how and when North Sydney Council will provide the community with information about its pesticide applications in public places (i.e. what notification arrangements will be used); and
  • how the community can access this plan and get more information.