The Record Keeping Management Plan (link below) is issued under the authority of the General Manager in compliance with the requirements of the State Records Act 1998.

North Sydney Council recognises the need for a planned, systematic and strategic approach to the retention and disposal of records and the need to minimise the cost of the maintenance and storage of these records.

The Plan seeks to minimise the exposure risks of unplanned and unauthorised destruction of records. It also recognises the importance of public access to records that form a cultural heritage whilst providing a consistent and comprehensive basis for protecting privacy and confidentiality.

To comply with the requirements of State Records Act 1998 and Council's Knowledge Management Program (link below) - all records created and distributed by Council staff are State Records and are important to the history of North Sydney and the Council.

For the purpose of Section 10 of the State Records Act 1998 the "Corporate Records Manager" shall be the Document Management Services (DMS) Manager of North Sydney Council who shall have responsibility for ensuring compliance with the Act.

This Management Plan was adopted in 2001 and revised most recently in 2015.

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